Oct 10

Trailer: Bale, Cooper and Lawrence in full 80s mode for ‘American Hustle’

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Now, this does look good.

David O Russell is quickly following up his triumphant films Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter with another movie that will certainly be talked about come Oscar season. How could it not, really? It starsveterans of Russell’s films in Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Amy Ryan: all of whom were nominated for Oscars under his direction.

The first trailer didn’t exactly get us excited but now with this new peek at American Hustle, it looks like the gang has put together an awesome 80s crime movie that’s a little bit Casino, a little bit Donnie Brasco and a little bit Boogie Nights.

Christian Bale continues the one-man war on his kidneys, packing on pounds for this role, no doubt. Destroying the last dangling shreds of his vanity, he’s adopted a terrifying comb-over to play Irving Rosenfeld, a 80s con man blackmailed into working for the FBI,  led by Agent Bradley Cooper (with an equally terrifying perm). Add one Robert De Niro and a Louis CK and you’ve got what sounds like movie critic’s wet dream.

American Hustle is in cinemas 20 December

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