Oct 08

Eckhart is Frankenstein (or his monster, as no one seems to understand)

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From the producers of Underworld comes this epic supernatural action movie that is almost exactly the same as Underworld, only with a man instead of a woman and replacing ‘vampires’ with ‘Frankensteins’– even though anyone who’s read the book knows that ‘Frankensteins’ isn’t a thing.

Set in modern day, the film sees Aaron Eckhart as Frankenstein’s creature — a poor synthetic soul who’s been wandering the Earth for hundreds of years. As another character informs him, he’s got superhuman strength and stamina, obviously thanks to all the 19th century medical technology that went into making him.

He’s also super-duper ripped, which will probably be explained in a flashback where he’s assembled from body parts taken from dead swimwear models.

Underworld veteran Bill Nighy turns up to play pretty much the same part he did in the Underworld: that of a sneering baddie with a British accent. We love us some Bill Nighy, but this movie is already way to uncanny for comfort. In fact, this film has so little in connection to the Frankenstein book or classic films that one wonders why they even bothered. We can only surmise that they used the ‘Frankenstein’ name after someone realised it was in public domain and could be abused without legal repercussions.

But hey, it could turn out to be really good, right?

I, Frankenstein is in cinemas 24 January 2014

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