Oct 08

This Week in Virals: ‘Carrie’ stunt freaks out New York’s coffee drinking set

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We here at blinkbox are no strangers to the large-scale publicity stunt, especially when it comes to promoting movies on our service; this new viral, however, really takes the cake. Drafting in the technicians, carpenters and actors, the makers of this video transformed a simple West Village (hipster) coffee shop into the scene of a supernatural occurrence.

The looks of sheer terror on the patrons’ faces are priceless! The acting might be totally hammy, but the technical execution can’t be faulted. An actor is dragged up a wall, spring-loaded books go flying off shelves and tables seem to move on their own. Pretty elaborate and very impressive.

So go ahead, kids! Rush to your twitter devices and start hashtagging everything with #moveslikejagger #FlexLikeCarrie! Do it now!

Carrie comes #flexing into cinemas 29 November

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