Oct 17

The Rock live-tweets his descent into madness

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With over 5 million followers on Twitter, it’s safe to say that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has taken quite well to social media. Providing fans with messages of inspiration as well as behind-the-scenes pictures of his upcoming films, the former WWE champion is turning into one of the most re-tweeted actors in the world.

Sure… he regularly squanders all 140 characters with empty motivational rhetoric but there’s something deeply compelling about his endless stream of muscled selfies and misused hashtags (#Reflect #Focus #Strategize #Pancakes). For the longest time, we couldn’t figure out what made his feed so special. It was only when we stepped back and analysed his timeline as a whole, the truth finally revealed itself.

It’s so glaringly obvious now: The Rock is going insane and he’s capturing the entire experience on Twitter.

You don’t believe us? Direct your attention to Exhibit A:

1. The production medic assures The Rock that there are no spiders under his skin.

2. The fan sees a chance for a selfie with The Rock. The Rock sees ghosts everywhere.

2.Despite his nutritionist’s warnings, The Rock regurgitates every meal and re-eats it for ‘double nutrition’.

3. The Pain & Gain script called for his character’s toe to be severed in a gunfight. A self-professed ‘method actor’, The Rock took a hatchet to his stunt double.

4. The protruding tongue is an early symptom of Miley Cyrus Syndrome.
If The Rock had attended the VMAs this year, Robin Thicke would have been torn apart by his muscular glutes in a twerking calamity.

5. “The secret police are after me!”

6. Dressing up as The Incredible Hulk is fine for Halloween, but some felt this tweet wasn’t appropriate for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

7. “Goodbye cruel world! Hello pool-cleaning robot!”

8. This picture of food is the only one where The Rock’s mouth is closed.
He’s forgotten how to eat! Amnesia!

 9. On the set of Hercules, The Rock formed a meaningful working relationship with these horses.
Not the one on the left, though: working with her was a total ‘mare.

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