Oct 28

The final ‘Catching Fire’ trailer will have you holding your ears, shrieking

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The last time we left Katniss Everdeen, the poor rural girl had become the biggest celebrity in all of future-dystopia land. Having won the hearts of her adoring public by slaughtering leagues of other children, her fate was left uncertain. By saving the life of her friend Peeta, she had incurred the ire of her totalitarian government.
In this final trailer before the release of Catching Fire, we’re getting a pretty shocking preview of what Katniss can expect from her next adventure.

For a final trailer, this clip is actually pretty short on story details. In place, there’s an emphasis on tension that suggests there will be a lot more action this time round. And also more Donald Sutherland, of whom the kids simply can’t get enough.

Coming off the back of an Oscar win this year for Silver Linings Playbook, we’re expecting Jennifer Lawrence to shine as usual, bringing strength and gravitas to a genre that rarely deserves it. We know this movie is kind of meant for teenagers but we can’t help being a little excited by it.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will fight all other movies to the death from 21 November

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