Oct 25

Fifty Shades: Who is this Jamie Dornan guy and why is he in the news?

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Last week, we reported that Charlie Hunnam had walked away from the lead role in Sam Taylor-Wood’s upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation, leaving the door open for another star to waltz right in and steal the show

Well, strike up the orchestra and pull back the curtain because the film world has found its newest star: Jamie Dornan!

Who’s that?

Well, we’re glad you asked…

From a cursory internet search, we’ve discovered that Mr Dornan is a 31 year old model-turned-actor from County Down in Northern Ireland. Before making his acting debut in 2005′s Marie Antoinette, he was largely know from his appearances in the weekly glossies as Keira Knightley‘s gentleman companion in the early 2000s. Since then, he’s been building his own profile through a number of roles in film and television.

With his background as a model for Calvin Klein and Armani, he certainly has the ‘babe-factor’ Fifty Shades fans have been clamouring for, but there’s more to him than just that. Anyone who saw this year’s Irish crime drama The Fall will know what we’re talking about: playing a Belfast serial killer who hides his crimes and urges from his young family, he showed a haunted darkness that impressed audiences and critics alike. We imagine its a quality that will come in handy playing a kinky millionaire.

In short, we think he’s more than just another model-turned actor. With his chiseled features and seemingly tortured soul, he could very well be the new Michael Fassbender should he play his cards right.

We’ll leave you on a final piece of trivia: Dornan’s high profile role will almost certainly make him the most famous alumnus of Teesside University!

Fifty Shades of Grey is still on track for a Summer 2014 release


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