Oct 04

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit reveals its first trailer

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If we were cynical types, we might point out how timely it is that the studio behind Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit released its trailer and poster the day after creator Tom Clancy died unexpectedly. But seeing as we’re not skeptical monsters, let’s simply enjoy this preview:

Now, there’s a immediate Casino Royale vibe coming off of this trailer:

  1. It is a reboot of a famous literary character who’s also an intelligence agent;
  2. The lead character has been in a number of films played by different famous actors; and
  3. The opening scene sees our hero fight an assassin in a public toilet!

Joining Star Trek actor Chris Pine is a quality cast that includes Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley and Kenneth Branagh (who is also on directing duties). This is what the poster looks like:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is in cinemas Boxing Day 2013

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