Oct 31

How to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse

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We’re all familiar with zombie movies: we enjoy watching regular people attempt survive in a world where personal security is thrown out the window.

But how would you fare in Zombieland when your back’s up against the wall? Between hoards of shambling monsters roaming the streets and opportunistic survivors willing to kill you for the last bag of Cheesy Wotsits, there’s no guarantee that any of us would survive the first few days.

Face it: in the event of a catastrophic zompocalypse, you will be completely and utterly boned. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to the people behind World War Z, we’re now able to provide you with all the information you need to prepare for the upcoming post-society world.

By following these 7 important tips from real-life survival experts, you;ll give yourself the best chance at being the last human left on Earth.

1. Take Shelter

Red satin sheets and a 50″ plasma screen: this guy knows how to survive in style!

2. Stay Connected

If the only other survivors of this plague are ham radio operators, you’d have to think long and hard about whether you really want to stick around.

3. Train Harder

Say goodbye to casual pints after work: your body is now both a weapon and a survivalist’s toolkit.

4. Stock Up

Survival Mom actually seems pretty cool and nice for someone so paranoid.

5. Bug Out

They’ll laugh when you convert your truck into a nutty survivalist vehicle… but they won’t be laughing when you’re driving rough-shod over their zombified corpses.

6. Head for the Hills

This reminds us: we should probably make friends with Bear Grylls before too long.

7. Heal Thyself

“…the doctor’s dead, now what?” has got to be the best corporate slogan ever.

8. Get Off the Grid

Meh… We’d rather just wait two more years for Mr Fusion to become a reality.

For more signs of things to come, check out World War Z – now available to buy and rent at blinkbox

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