Oct 28

Win a Hudl with our Halloween Costume Competition!

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In this week’s competition, we’re asking you to send us your best TV and Movie themed Halloween Costumes.

Other users will then vote on their favourite costume –the entry with the most votes will win a new Hudl tablet from Tesco.

Boasting a 7″ screen and loaded with the Android operating system, it will allow customers to access everything on Google and over a million apps. On top of that, this great new device will provide you instant access to many of Tesco’s services including banking, grocery shopping and –most importantly– blinkbox!

Additionally, anyone who votes for their favourite costume will be entered into a draw with the chance to win a £50 blinkbox voucher!

Click here to enter

The competition is now closed for entries. Good Luck to all those who entered!

19 Responses to “Win a Hudl with our Halloween Costume Competition!”

  1. Colin Mason says:

    Will there be a future 10″ model? Small is good but when getting on in years bigger is better…..

  2. Tina says:

    Awesome for the kids!

  3. Gary Bishop says:

    Looks great. Much more usable than larger tablets and ideal for kids to watch films in the car – one each and they can stop arguing over who chooses what.

  4. Pam Brown says:

    Looks good :)

  5. Tom butterworth says:

    Tablets are the future.and this one looks fab, bigger is always better

  6. Anthony Ford says:

    I am a big of a geek when it comes to tablets, knowing I have always wanted the google nexus 7. BUT!!!! Having seen a work colleague with one the other day I no longer want anything but the HUDL!! =)

  7. patricia lunnemann says:

    This looks fab bigger is better the way forward!!!!!

  8. Craig says:

    I bought a Hudl. Its amazing, I’ve always been an IPad man but I actually prefer the Hudl. Gdeath build quality, great responsiveness and the battery lasts all day! its very nice :-)

  9. George Britten says:

    I think it’s brilliant Tesco are getting involved in the tablet world. If they’ve made it as sleek and user friendly as Blinkbox, the tablet world will gain a new, serious, competitor.

  10. Twill says:

    Looks good, like the memory capacity, even more so with it being upgrade able

  11. Brigitte Leprince says:

    I think they are great especially for low income families great accessability for children and adults alike to download apps, read books, surf internet and listen to music! Great design and camera. This is a smart Tesco release which will impress many and help many too. I love the soft case colours and I am sure father xmas will be distributing many this year!

  12. megan cadman says:

    Once you have downloaded movies into blinkbox library can I view without WiFi for example on a plane , as no WiFi over weekend and could not get into blinkbox ?

  13. blinkbox says:

    Our current apps do not provide an off-line function at the moment. However, this is possibly something we’re looking into for future updates

  14. Hudl User says:

    The “hudl” is a very clever product that actually delivers. It would have been so easy for Tesco to mess this up by touting an inferior product but have come up with a device that stands up against the competition – the thing is absolutely brilliant! Combine this with a strong brand identity and I can see the hudl brand will grow and grow over the years and maybe extended to other tech products in the future

  15. Graham says:

    The Halloween competition page isn’t working. None of the images have been updated since 08:29 am on 1st November (writing at 16:39). I’ve tried to upload a picture of my son several times, using different browsers, and nothing has worked.

  16. blinkbox says:

    Hi Graham, thanks for getting in touch. We’re having a look at the matter right now and will be in touch directly. Cheers!

  17. Graham says:

    Wow! That was quick! My son’s photo is up there now but there are two of them. Could one please be removed? I don’t want to dilute the number of votes.

  18. Graham says:

    Gulp! Correction. There are three copies of the image that I can see (Frank in the rabbit costume from Donnie Darko).

  19. Catherine Mills says:

    Who won the fancy dress competition??

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