Oct 02

Goodbye Breaking Bad: The Last of the Summer Memes

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Now that we’re a few days removed from the end of Breaking Bad, we’re sorry to report that we’ve already begun to experience withdrawal symptoms: listlessness, anxiety and a need to tell all our friends that Breaking Bad is the best TV show of all time.

The night usually reserved for watching Walt and Jesse’s adventures in methland is now disconcertingly free: perhaps we should take up knitting or learn new language with this extra time. We really don’t know.

Now that there’s no more Breaking Bad to discuss, what are we going to talk to our dull colleagues about?

Anyway, to break us out of this funk, we’re taking a look back at some of the coolest and funniest responses to the final episodes.

1. Going online before watching the latest episode was always dangerous. Especially if you wanted to avoid these:
(via reddit)

2. You know a show is a cultural phenomenon when it warrants dozens of elaborate internet song parodies. (Warning: all of these contain spoilers and are not necessarily that funny)

3. This next video begs the question: how is the man so familiar with Breaking Bad voices when he presumably doesn’t have a cable package or Blu-ray player? (Answer: the video is a total ruse)

4. Like all cult favourites, Breaking Bad has its fair share of amazing fan art
(For more of these, head over to mashable)

5. This very special episode of Mythbusters combines two of our favourite things:

6. Hardcore fans also went out of their way to plan elaborate viewing parties, complete with themed nibbles.
@ProfessorHuston threw a party that came complete with crystal blue-flavoured Gatorade, bottles of Schraderbrau and chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos.

(via imgur)
Calling back the famous teddy bear from season 2, reddit user hollyicing built this amazing cake that makes the ones on Great British Bake Off look like weevil-infused dirt meringues.

7. After the final episode aired in America, Twitter exploded with celebrities (and non-celebs) posting their reactions to the show. These responses ranged from the reverent to the humorous:Untitled-6







If you’re in the enviable position where you haven’t seen all of Breaking Bad yet, head over to blinkbox where you buy box sets of every season.

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