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“We feel the need… the need for speed”: New Releases 9 Sept 2013

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Fast and Furious 6 (Early Digital Release)
It’s been over ten years since the first Fast and Furious film hit the screens at our local cineplexes, and one of the most fascinating things has been to watch the franchise evolve from being about underground street racers into this blockbusting action juggernaut. The cast is bigger than ever, bringing Vin Diesel and Paul Walker back into contact with Dwayne Johnson’s dogged federal agent from Fast Five. Returning from the dead (literally) is Michelle Rodriguez’s character who, if anyone recalls, was killed off back in the 4th film. Seriously, don’t go into the film expecting anything to make sense.

The action sequences are gloriously over the top and the scenes with Diesel and Johnson are always immense value. For mindless good fun, there’s no better choice than Fast and Furious 6.

Dead Man Down (Early Digital Release)
Poor Colin Farrell is man under all sorts of pressure. He’s worked his way up to become the right-hand man of New York kingpin Terrence Howard but he’s hiding an ulterior motive. His own plans are suddenly thrown into chaos when he’s seduced and blackmailed by Noomi Rapace: a woman with plans for vengeance, desperate for help. A tough crime thriller from the director of the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film, Dead Man Down will have fans of the genre sitting on the edge of their seats!

Iron Man 3 (New to Rent)
Genius playboy billionaire Tony Stark returns faces his second biggest challenge ever (after the massive Alien invasion from The Avengers). This time, America is facing a terrorist threat from a mysterious figure known as the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), who may have something to do with Tony’s past. Writer/director Shane Black of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon takes the reins on this sequel and places his stamp all over it, peppering it with great details like self-aware henchmen, a meta-textual narrative and even more of Robert Downey Jr’s signature quips. Building up to an enormous finale, Iron Man 3 is a notable improvement from the disappointing second film.

21 and Over (New to Rent)
It’s Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday, which in America means he is finally of a legal drinking age. His best pals want to take him out to celebrate but he’s got an important interview of medical school the next day. Of course he relents and agrees to go out just one and of course things eventually get way out of hand! We’re talking about sorority girls! Buffalo stampedes! Nudity!

Created by writers of The Hangover, 21 & Over looks and feel an awful lot like The Hangover – which is no terrible thing when you’re making a debauched party comedy!

Therese Desqueyroux
In early 20th Century France, a bright young woman enters into a loveless marriage with a wealthy landowner. Sure, she values independence and her intelligence… but what good is it all without material comfort? Will she be happy with this arrangement? Or will her ennui lead her down the garden path? Based on a famous French novel of the same name, the film stars Amelie’s Audrey Tautou in a complex and forbidding lead performance. Note: in French with English subtitles.

6 Degrees of Hell
Direct-to-video hero Corey Feldman stars in this horror film set around a Haunted House attraction. The proprietors work desperately to get it open for Halloween until it turns out that their haunted house is located… inside an actual haunted house! Will there be a third act twist revealing that it was Old Man Cruthers all along, inside a rubber mask? Would his scheme have worked were it not for some meddling kids? There’s only one way to find out!

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