Sep 05

Watch: Full ‘Gravity’ Trailer with Bullock and Clooney

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Children of Men director Alfonso Cuarón went to Venice last week and showed the good people of movie-land what he had been doing with the past 8 years. And according to James Cameron, who saw an early screening of Gravity, Cuaron’s been busy making “the greatest space movie ever done.”

Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the picture centres around a catastrophic accident at an orbital space station, an explosion that leaves an astronaut stranded in space.

James Cameron wasn’t the only one to lavish praise on the film: The Telegraph gave it five stars, saying that it will “take your breath away.”  The Guardian and Variety were also quick to give it their seal of approval, putting Cuarón’s film in a pretty strong position leading up to awards season!

Of all the films that have yet to be released this year, this is the one we’re most excited about.

Roll on 8 November, when Gravity arrives in the UK

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