Sep 26

Trailer Park: October Preview

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Welcome back to the Trailer Park, the one place on blinkbox where vagrant film fans and nomadic cinephiles can rest their feet and check out sneak peeks of the best upcoming movies

This week, we’re having a look at some of our favourite new titles dropping at blinkbox in the month of October.

Monday 7 October

The Purge: Domestic thriller set in a future America where, for just one night a year, all crimes are legal. Ethan Hawke and Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey star.


Behind the Candelabra: As Jason Statham might put it , Michael Douglas plays ‘the gay’ in Steven Soderbergh’s Emmy-winning Liberace biopic.


Monday 14 October

World War Z: Brad Pitt plays an implausibly handsome family-man who’s forced to knuckle down for the zombie apocalypse.


After Earth: Jaden Smith tries to get Big Willy’s style to rub off on him in this sci-fi adventure.


Monday 21 October

This is The End: If the world were truly coming to an end, where else would you rather be if not in a mansion with Seth Rogen? (contains bad language and sexual references)


Hummingbird: Jason Statham gets serious for this East End crime drama from the writer of Eastern Promises.


Monday 28 October

Now You See Me: Illusionists Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson pull off a daring heist… using MAGIC!


The Great Gatsby: Leonardo DiCaprio is the mysterious title character in Baz Luhrmann’s glitzy adaptation of the Great American Novel.


The Internship: Erstwhile wedding crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn reunite as a pair of middle-aged burnouts looking to score a job with Google. A comedy.


Before Midnight: Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy return for another long and wondrous chat in this acclaimed sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.


But if you really insist on leaving the sometime in October, there will also be some great THEATRICAL RELEASES coming to a cinema near you. MOVIES LIKE:

Captain Phillips (18 October): Based on the harrowing true story, Tom Hanks plays a cargo captain kidnapped by Somali pirates.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (25 October): Sight gags and food puns galore in the sequel to the surprisingly hilarious 2009 animated feature.

Thor: The Dark World (30 October): The Norse God of Thunder returns to hammer bad guys from alternate dimensions.

We’ve had a great September, folks. See you on the other side!

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