Sep 04

Trailer: James Corden as overnight opera star Paul Potts in ‘One Chance’

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Before Susan Boyle became the world’s most unlikely pop star thanks to her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, there was Paul Potts. As you might remember, the amateur tenor took to the stage on live television and delivered a performance of Nessun dorma that blew the bloody doors off the internet.

Coming from a working-class background, his overnight success was the kind of story that you only see in movies – movies like One Chance. As played by James Corden, the Potts mythology is told in a Rocky-like fashion, following him from the lowest of lows all the way to international stardom.

The film is being co-produced by Simon Cowell’s Syco Productions, which of course means that it features all the Britain’s Got Talent authenticity you could hope for, including a performance by Amanda Holden as herself.

One Chance co-stars Colm Meany, Mackenzie Crook and Julie Walters and is out in cinemas next month.

(via Empire)

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