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Saving Private Art Collections: Damon and Clooney in ‘Monuments Men’ Trailer

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In this latest film written, starring and directed by George Clooney, he recruits Matt Damon into a rag-tag team tasked with preserving European art and architecture in the wake of the D-Day landings. So it’s sort of like a period Ocean’s Eleven, if you will.

Based on a true story, The Monuments Men sees a group of art professionals head deep into a war zone during World War II, braving bombs and gunfire to save a generation of culture from the Nazis.

The film obviously tackles a serious topic, but as with many of Clooney’s projects there is a sense of goofy fun to many of the trailer’s scenes. And with a cast that includes John Goodman, Jean Dujardin and Bill Murray, it’s hard to imagine this film venturing too far into the maudlin side of the war.

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Sharing screenwriting credit is Grant Heslov, Clooney’s indispensable partner-in-crime: the pair of them previously worked on Goodnight, and Good Luck and The Ides of March. Plus it shouldn’t be forgotten that they picked up the Best Picture Oscar this year for Ben Affleck‘s historical thriller Argo.

If anything, this is the sort of project that has come to define Clooney as a film-maker — a factual story made fun.

 The Monuments Men lands in cinemas 9 January 2013

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