Sep 10

RoboCop Trailer: Watch it now or there will be… trouble.

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Part Man. Part Machine. All Cop.

The already controversial reboot of the beloved 80s classic has now gone and released a trailer. Showing star Joel Kinnaman (from the US remake of The Killing) in full body armour, this action-packed first look at 2014′s RoboCop is very intriguing indeed.

Among the many upgrades to this 2k14 robotic police film are top tier supporting actors Samuel L Jackson and Gary Oldman. Michael Keaton also rocks up in the trailer as the head of OmniCorp, the international conglomerate responsible for RoboCop creation. Whereas in the original, this part was played as an 80s-style corporate raider, Keaton seems to be playing him a Steve Jobs-esque consumer visionary (“We’re going to put a man in a machine,” he purrs, as though this was the first time anyone ever thought of this).

But despite the internet’s grumblings about the suit or whatever, the biggest difference lies in the nature of its main character. In the ’87 Paul Verhoeven film, RoboCop was built using slain policeman Alex Murphy’s brain and face as hardware. A large part of the story’s arc was RC remembering who he used to be. In this update, Murphy seems to have all his memories intact and his job then becomes to fight the suit’s programming. This would certainly make the lead character more relatable but we hope this doesn’t sand down the tragic elements that made the original so timeless.

RoboCop will be deployed in all major urban crime zones 7 February

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