Sep 24 2013

The ‘Breaking Bad’ Painting You Absolutely Need to Own Right Now

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We’re living in dark times now.

After this week’s episode Granite State, there will only be one more episode of Breaking Bad. Ever.

If you haven’t seen this from earlier this week, the production is beginning to auction off props from the show’s six year run. If you have the money, you could possible own Walt’s crummy Dodge Aztec, Hector’s Bell or a copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass (with a personal inscription from your pal Gale, no less).

But for those of you who can’t afford to stump up tens of thousands of pounds to buy Tuco’s grill, you might want to check this out:

Commissioned by Sony and Gallery1988, California-based artist Scott C. created this awesome painting that spotlights just about every significant character from Breaking Bad’s 5 season run (we had trouble spotting Todd’s Uncle Jack).

For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Scott C. is the creator of the truly excellent Great Showdowns which features portraits of famous rivalries in his inimitable style. You really must check it out, if you’ve never seen it.

“BREAKING BAD UPON THE MOUNT” went on sale yesterday on a limited run of 300 prints, all of which were sold out within seconds. but if you still fancy your very own framable copy and have more money than sense, you will no doubt find this awesome piece of work eBay.

For more of Scott C.’s work, head over to PyramidCar!

Granite State‘, the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad is now available at blinkbox.

Sep 24 2013

Trailer: Jude Law mobs up in ‘Dom Hemingway’

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It feels like ages since Jude Law has been really great in anything.

We’re not saying he’s a bad actor or anything. He’s perfectly serviceable as the straight man in films like Sherlock Holmes and Side Effects but he’s not terribly good when he’s called upon to play likeable characters. In romantic comedies like The Holiday or his remake of Alfie, Law comes across a too slimy and smug to be (to use an awful showbiz term) relatable.

As an actor, Law thrives when he’s playing either strange, deeply flawed or odious characters. His best performances have come in films like Gattaca (where he played a bitter paraplegic), The Talented Mr Ripley (vain and feckless playboy) or AI: Artificial Intelligence (robot gigolo!).

And in this brand new trailer for his upcoming film Dom Hemingway Law looks to be in fine sleazy form.

Law plays a career criminal and safe-cracker, fresh off a 12 year stint in prison. Upon his release, he heads to the south of France to pick up a load of money from his old boss (Demian Bichir). But no sooner than he gets his hands on the dosh, he’s back to his old trick of indulging in booze, birds and big trouble. Along for the ride is Richard E Grant, in what looks to be a delicious role as Law’s old ‘associate’. There’s more than a few shades of Withnail and I to their wild antics and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t really looking forward to this.

Dom Hemingway is in cinemas 15 November


Sep 24 2013

Review: Blue Jasmine

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You know what? This is actually Woody Allen’s best film in quite a while.

People have been quick to jump on some of his recent films like the solid Vicky Christina Barcelona and the feted Midnight in Paris, calling them a return to form for the auteur. But in terms of something that can hold a candle to the best of Woody’s film –we’re talking about Manhattan, Annie Hall and Hannah and Her Sisters— only Blue Jasmine is right up there.

Cate Blanchett plays Jasmine, a New York socialist whose vapid life of Fifth Avenue shopping and Summers in the Hamptons is brought to an end when her charming cad of a husband (Alec Baldwin) is revealed to be a Bernie Madoff-style huckster. Left with nowhere go, Jasmine does the only thing a bankrupt woman can do: pack up her Louis Vuitton bags, book a first class flight to San Francisco to crash with her common-as-mook sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins).

Jasmine is one of the most compellingly condescending characters we’ve seen for quite a while, constantly putting down her Ginger’s modest lifestyle while ignoring the fact that her ex-husband is responsible for squandering little sister’s savings. She also openly insults her Stanley Kowalski-ish boyfriend (Bobby Cannavale) for being rough around the edges while still harbouring delusions of class and standard.

Basically, she’s a mentally unstable Hyacinth Bucket.

While Woody Allen’s characters can often feel a little dated and mannered, Blanchett manages to make every one of her beats work. She fluctuates between charming socialite to drunken viper at breakneck speed; her character is so pitiful that you can’t help but to feel sorry for her.

As is always the case, Allen’s supporting cast is packed with interesting and well known faces – none more surprising than Andrew Dice Clay. Best known for his crass 80s stand-up persona, Clay more than holds his own in scenes with Baldwin and Blanchett, reacting to their snooty upper class airs with a quiet dignity.

Critics of Woody Allen’s latter day films would suggest that his plots often meander: that they’re more a series of vignettes than a solid story. There’s an element of truth to this (see: Melinda and Melinda, To Rome with Love) but Blue Jasmine is perhaps the most tightly plotted film he’s made in ages.

For newcomers to Allen’s films who don’t know what all the fuss is about, we say: go and check this out. It’s a solid Woody.

Rating: ★★★★★

Blue Jasmine is in cinemas this Friday 27 September

Sep 23 2013

‘Breaking Bad’ Wins!… and Other Things That Happened at the Emmys

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In Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre last night, hit show Breaking Bad finally broke through the barrier and won the Emmy Award for Best Drama that has eluded it for the past four seasons. Beating off stiff competition from the likes of Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and House of Cards, series creator Vince Gilligan took to the stage thanking “the best cast on TV, starting with Mr. Bryan Cranston.”

He also commended the other nominees, citing them as living proof of TV’s Golden Age. Anna Gunn also won her first Emmy for her role as Skylar on the must-see programme, joining Cranston and Aaron Paul in the prestigious club of gong-winners.

Meanwhile, the Biggest Night in Televisionalso saw a number of other stars let loose and have a good time.

Homeland star Claire Danes tried to get close to Girls creator Lena Dunham, photo-bombing her on the red carpet:

Comedy super-producerJudd Apatow took to live tweeting the event with reckless abandon.



Of course, the show itself had no shortage of great moments. In terms of quality speech-making, it was tough to beat Julia Louis-Dreyfus who accepted her Best Actress Emmy in character with her Veep co-star Tony Hale.

But if brevity is the soul of wit, the funniest speech of the evening came from Nurse Jackie actress Merritt Wever, who kept her thank-yous very short.


To cap off the evening, the best and brightest of Hollywood all headed to the most exclusive after parties where actor Dean Norris (Hank) was caught on Vine, throwing down some epic shapes on the dancefloor…

… while Modern Family star Sofia Vergara took the opportunity to show Miley Cyrus a thing or two


Celebrate TV’s finest by checking out our Award Winning TV Collection

Sep 23 2013

Interview: Iwan Rheon on The Rise, Game of Thrones and working with acting royalty

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In the new British crime caper The Rise, Luke Treadaway plays Harvey, a young man released from prison after serving time for a stitch up job. Whilst inside, he learns of a stash of money kept at working man’s club run by the man thug who put him inside. Back on the streets, he and his three best mates hatch a plan to get revenge and start a new life for themselves as owners of a cafe.

Actor Iwan Rheon plays Dempsey, Harvey’s best mate who convinces the rest of the lads to go all-in with the potentially dangerous scheme. You may recognise him as Simon from the Channel 4 sci-fi programme Misfits or for his squirm-inducing role as Roose Bolton’s bastard son in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

In between those hit shows he’s also found time to record three EPs and appear in the studio sitcom Vicious with stage legends Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellen.

We spoke to Iwan last week on the release day of The Rise:

Iwan Rheon: I think [The Rise] is great, basically. I genuinely think that. I think [director Rowan Athale] has done a great job, I’m really proud to be in it.

Blinkbox: There must be close to a hundred British Crime films that come out every year but The Rise is one of the rare exceptions: there aren’t any guns or glamour involved – the ‘big heist’ isn’t actually a huge amount of money.

Yeah, yeah, I think the charm of it is that they’re not trying to make millions of pounds. It’s sixty grand they’re after in order to start working– it’s not like want to go off and live on a yacht. It’s so they can start a business. There’s a Robin Hood style moral vibe. I think that’s the really great thing about it. It’s about mates; it’s about trying to overcome obstacles or all that other pretentious stuff I could keep on talking about [laughs]…

The four of you [Treadaway, Gerard Kearns and Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis] really manage to capture the feeling being a young group of mates, with all the arguments and piss-taking. Were you given time to get to know each other beforehand?

Yeah, we had a couple of days before and that’s it. I came up a couple days early to Leeds and we went out and had a couple of beers. I kind of knew Luke before anyway, but not particularly well

The great thing is that all the boys just knuckled down. It was really hard work, it’s a really low budget film, and you can’t just piss about. You have to turn up and know your s— otherwise you’re going to hold everything up.

It was a real honour to work with people that have that real work ethic. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case.


The film’s second half takes place over one the span of one evening. Did that mean you guys had to pull a load of all-nighters?

Towards the end we did have a few night shoots. The last scene we shot was the last scene in the film and it was starting to get light and got back to base and it was just getting light and they were like “it’s a wrap for you guys”. The crew were carrying on but we were all finished. There was this weird anticlimactic vibe to it. Night shoots can get a bit mad…

The film is set in Leeds, but most of you aren’t from the area. On bigger pictures, I guess there would be dialect coaches on set. Did you…

Oh yeah, we had one too. I had two sessions!

Wow, two whole sessions?

It was brilliant. I basically brought in what I come up with and she gave me notes on it. It’s all about specificity, isn’t it? I guess my Northern accent, if I were to do one, would be more of a Lancashire one because my friends and people I worked with just happened to be from that side of the Pennines. But basically I just nick [Misfits co-star] Joe Gilgun’s accent. He’s from Bolton, like Chorley.

I don’t particularly think my accent’s that great it in but it has its moments [laughs].

Between your roles in Misfits, Game of Thrones, Wild Bill and now this, you seem to be avoiding any sort of typecasting.

That’s something I’ve been very conscious with. It’s the most important thing: to be versatile. I’ve been fortunate enough to pick jobs –or they’ve picked me, rather- that are really different. I just want to things that are interesting. If you end up doing the same part all the time, it’s going to get boring.

Well, you have to pay the bills sometimes…

[laughs] Yeah, maybe in ten years’ time when I have 3 kids and I need the money.  But for now, I’ve been really lucky.

Working on Vicious must have been an intimidating experience. What was your first day with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi like?

It was really scary. It’s just surreal. We went out for a meal to meet each other and I was like what’s going on here? I’m sitting next to Sir Ian McKellen. It is bizarre. They were really nice to me and supportive and helpful and kind.

The jobs I’ve done so far have predominantly been with younger people. People of my age. So to work with – well, they’re legends in their own right— just to work with them is just a dream come true.

To see how they conduct themselves on set, how they treat people on set. There’s no grandness about them, they’re theatre boys. They’ve come through the rep system that used to exist. What you hear about Hollywood starriness: they’re just really nice blokes.


Did you learn anything from them on set?

Lots of little things. It’s not just little things, you’re learning new things every day. There’s loads of things that you get by working with people who know their craft so well. They want to rehearse all the time. Their energy is immense – they’re just amazing blokes.

I want to do it again.

Is there going to be a second series?

It’s been commissioned, yeah.

So what are you doing next?

I’m doing the fourth season of Game of Thrones…  we’ve only a few days left on that.

We’ve read that the production on that is spread over something like 4 or 5 locations every episode [in countries as far flung as Iceland, Morocco, Croatia and Northern Ireland]. How does that even work?

There can be three units. And the director and the DoP [Director of Photography] just come in and join that unit. There can be a lot of downtime for us. There are just so many characters in the storyline. Even if you’re a huge part of it, you won’t be doing so much filming because there are so many plots going on.


There are probably loads of actors on the show you’ve never met.

Yeah, most of them. I’ve probably met only a quarter of the cast. It’s weird. It’s really strange doing a job like that, you don’t get to know everyone. It’s not like The Rise where it’s a really small unit, you get to know everyone on set, in every department. It was full-on, shooting for five weeks – I did four. And there were four days of Luke doing interrogation scenes [with a police detective played by Timothy Spall]. It was full on!

(Check out Iwan’s YouTube channel, where he’s posted tracks off his latest EP, titled Bang! Bang!)

 The Rise is now in selected cinemas and to buy at blinkbox.

Sep 23 2013

“Who wants to live forever?” New Releases Monday 23 September 2013

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Saoirse Ronan plays a 200 year-old vampire who has survived the centuries by remaining anonymous and moving from town to town with her mother, who herself makes ends meet by selling her body. We discover that mother dearest (Gemma Arterton) was a prostitute back in the early 1800s who defied a coven of wealthy vampires and stole the secret to eternal life to share it with her daughter. And for this reason, they have since been on the run from the Brotherhood of Evil Vampires. Director Neil Jordan creates a tense, melancholic atmosphere for this story, elevating this film above the dozens of vampire-related films and TV shows floating around these days. This is a thoughtful movie about teenage vampires that isn’t made for infants.

Dead Man Down (New to Rent)
Poor Colin Farrell is man under all sorts of pressure. He’s worked his way up to become the right-hand man of New York kingpin Terrence Howard but he’s hiding an ulterior motive. His own plans are suddenly thrown into chaos when he’s seduced and blackmailed by Noomi Rapace: a woman with plans for vengeance, desperate for help. A tough crime thriller from the director of the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film, Dead Man Down will have fans of the genre sitting on the edge of their seats!

Deadfall (Early Digital Release)
Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde are a sibling pair of criminals, on the run after a large casino heist. Stuck near a border town, they split up with the intention of reuniting on the other side of the border. She ends up falling in with a broken-down ex-boxer (Charlie Hunnam) who might be able to help her while his journey North is a bit on the bloodier side. Pursued by local law enforcement, the three of them grow increasingly desperate. An icy-cold atmosphere and moments of tenderness mark this out an interesting detour from your average crime thriller.

According to the poster, this film is “Mad Men meets The Artist” on account of it being set in a mid-century workplace where everyone smokes and the fact that it features The Artist’s Bérénice Bejo. Handsome card Romain Duris is an insurance executive who discovers the prodigious typing speed of his new secretary (Déborah François) and encourages her to enter a national typing competition, which is definitely a real thing. Naturally, her high words per minute starts to affect her bosses heartbeats per minute in this light, funky romantic comedy.

Mister John (also in cinemas)
Aidan Gillen is Gerry, a family man who leaves Britain after he discovers his wife’s infidelities. As he heads to Singapore to settle his dead brother’s affairs, he ends up taking assuming his identity in more ways than one, taking care of his family as well as replacing him as the proprietor of a seedy club named Mister John’s. Shot on location in South East Asia, the film is a palpably sweaty and claustrophobic character study: a Lynchian nightmare set deep in the tropics.


For more of the latest films, head over to our New Releases section.

Sep 20 2013

Win a £20 Movie and TV Card with our Unbelievable Quiz!

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Test your movie knowledge as well as your ability to distinguish truths from lies with this week’s Unbelievable Quiz.

With each question, we’ll be supplying you with three pieces of trivia about a given film. All you have to do is decide which one of those ‘facts’ is actually a lie.

Those able to distinguish fact from fiction will stand a chance to win one of twenty £20 blinkbox Movie and TV cards!
That’s right! One of these could be yours!

To enter the quiz, simply click here.

blinkbox Movie and TV cards are now available at select Tesco stores.

Sep 19 2013

Trailer: Liev Schrieber goes underground in ‘The Last Days on Mars’

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There are so many reasons why this movie should be really awesome:

1) It stars blinkbox favourite Liev Schrieber, who’s been doing some great, under-the-radar work in the past couple of years. (See: Goon, Ray Donovan, Mental.

2) It’s one of those movies set in space, where astronauts get really scared and lose their minds. We love these kinds of movies. (See: Solaris, Sunshine, Moon

3) It looks like its directly inspired by The Thing, perhaps one of the greatest psychological horror films of all time

4) Schrieber’s joined by a super-solid international cast that includes Romola Garai (Atonement), Olivia Williams (Rushmore) and Elias Koteas (lots of cool stuff but to us, he’ll always be Casey Jones from the Turtles movies)


On the flip side, there’s one reason why this film could be a dud:

1) It looks a lot like Prometheus.


According to the IMDb: The Last Days on Mars will be getting a UK release today, which is patently not true.

Sep 18 2013

Teaser: Samuel L Jackson checks you in to the Oldboy Hotel

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Spike Lee‘s highly anticpated remake of Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy certain has no shortage of starpower. For example, this teaser sees Samuel L Jackson as the kimono-wearing caretaker of an underground hotel. And as fans of Park’s South Korean original will know, this hotel has a very, very late check-out time.

Starring James Brolin, Lee’s English language version will be a blood-soaked revenge thriller about an everyman who finds himself imprisoned for reasons he doesn’t understand. Released without warning after twenty years, he sets about discovering who his captor is, in hopes of bringing an end to his nightmare.

Oldboy will be set upon UK cinemas 6 December

Sep 18 2013

6 Ways Patrick Stewart is Owning Social Media Right Now

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Shakepearean Legend. Starship Captain. Telepath. Twitter Maven. At age of 73, Sir Patrick Stewart is pwning the social media-scape right now with his viral videos and eminently shareable pictures.

Here are just a few of the reasons why the man’s a total internet baller…

1. He just got married again in a ceremony officiated by his bestie, Sir Ian McKellan.
(image: John von Pamer)


2. …and afterwards, he held the reception in a McDonald’s Ball Pit [Ed: this has not been confirmed]


3. He obviously knows the way to Sesame Street


4. He still gets recognised — even by shop signs!


5. His wife’s YouTube channel is all the acting school you’ll ever need.


6. He might be a knight, but he’s always open to new experiences.



[Ed: --wait a second...]


[Ed: ...I'm sensing a pattern here.]


[Ed: Okay, we're pretty sure most of these are totally bogus. Apologies to Sir Patrick.]

@SirPatStew is the only person you need to be following on Twitter. Make it so.