Sep 27

New Release: Aidan Gillan finds the heart of darkness in ‘Mister John’

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Mister John is being simultaneously released in cinemas and for rental at blinkbox today.

Aidan Gillen is Gerry, a family man who leaves Britain after he discovers his wife’s infidelities. As he heads to Singapore to settle his dead brother’s affairs, he ends up taking assuming his identity in more ways than one, taking care of his family as well as replacing him as the proprietor of a seedy club named Mister John’s.

Shot on location in South East Asia, the film looks palpably sweaty and claustrophobic: a Lynchian nightmare in the tropics, as the trailer’s pull-quote suggests. It co-stars Claire Keelan from Nathan Barley and Zoe Tay (one of Singapore’s most famous actresses) as Gerry’s old and new wife respectively. It also showcases a rare leading performance from Gillen, whose transformation to leading man status is way past overdue.

Mister John is now in cinemas and available to rent from £5.99

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