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A Home-Made Iron Man Costume… Made Entirely Out of Balloons!

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To celebrate the early digital release of Iron Man 3 on blinkbox, we wanted to do something a little bit special. That’s when we happened upon Jeff Wright, an American balloon artist from Ohio.

Jeff made waves earlier this year with his fantastic collection of superhero costumes made entirely from modelling balloons. If you don’t remember seeing him in the papers, here’s an article from The Daily Mail showcasing a few of his creations.

After weeks of trying to contact him, we finally tracked him down to his new home in Bolivia and challenged him to create a full Iron Man suit with fewer than 500 balloons.

The entire suit took Jeff just under 10 hours to create from start to finish, not to mention 2 days worth of preparation.




Now a resident of Bolivia, Jeff sourced his materials internationally and had the sculpting balloons flown in from Colombia!

Needless to say, we found the end result pretty incredible. Now, if we could only convince Robert Downey Jr to wear this thing…

If you want to take a crack at making your own Iron Man mask using just balloons, Jeff’s offered to give you a few pointers…

Iron Man 3 is now available at blinkbox

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    [...] Blinkbox commissioned artist Jeff Wright to create an Iron Man suit on the occasion of the digital release of Iron Man 3. The artist responded by creating the armor in 500 balloons. It is wearable, it is impressive, and it makes Pepper Potts fall in love with you. [...]

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