Sep 25

Jason Segel to Star in a Maple Syrup Heist Movie

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In 2012, it was uncovered that someone had siphoned six million pounds of viscous gloop from the Global Strategic Maple Syrup outside of Montreal. It’s likely that you read this story in a newspaper last year, though you couldn’t be blamed for dismissing the memory as just some cheese dream– and with good reason.

Firstly, no regular person would  expect there to be such a thing as a strategic maple syrup reserve (lest the poor pancake lovers of the world face the very real danger of going without their favourite topping). And secondly, who would have thought it possible heist sugar water to the tune of $18 million?

From just those details, it sounds like the set-up for a knockabout crime comedy, which is precisely why it’s being turned into one with How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel.

The premise is pretty intriguing but what angle will the story be taking?

Will it be an Ocean’s Eleven-style caper about a bunch of friends looking to get rich?

Could it be a fun revenge yarn about an everyman getting back at the evil Maple Industrial Complex that took away his job and family?

Will Segel find a reason to get his penis out on screen again?

Only time can tell but until then, here’s a video of some guy chugging six bottles of pancake syrup.

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