Sep 26

Half-Priced blinkbox Movie and TV Cards!

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It’s getting to the point in the year when we’re seemingly going to birthday celebrations just about every other day. While we thought this was just a stray observation, it turns out to have some basis in fact.

According to a report in the Daily Mail (that most respected journal of opinion), late September is the most birthday-laden time of the year. While you can speculate all you like about why this is the case, in real-world terms it means we’re faced with a whole lot of inconvenient birthday shopping this time of year.

Well, there’s some great news: blinkbox is proud to announce our all-new Movie and TV Cards, now available at select Tesco stores!

Cards can be used on Movies or TV shows at Rent from 99p or own from £4.99 – whether it’s a latest release movie or your favourite TV boxset, there’s a gift for everyone!


Now here’s the truly exciting part:

From 24th September to 20th October 2013 Movie & TV cards are available in selected Tesco stores for half price. The £14 TV box set you’ve been eying up will now only cost you £7. That’s a bargain if ever I heard one. Terms and conditions apply

To find your closest participating Tesco store, open the Store Locator and select “Gift Card Store” from the menu.

So next time you find yourself stopping by Tesco before a party for a perfunctory bottle of wine, consider picking up a blinkbox card for the birthday boy/girl.

Remember: the gift of great movies is always better than stuffing an envelope with cash. That’s just tacky.

For more information on the blinkbox Movie & TV card, just click here

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  1. greywulf says:

    Are you having problems with Redeeming the cards? I bought two today and neither will redeem. I get the message “Sorry, this card can’t be redeemed at this time. Please try again later (B003).”

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