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Epic Adventures Abound: New Releases 16 September 2013

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Epic (Early Digital Release)
A big adventure of tiny proportions rocks up on blinkbox this week as Amanda Seyfried voices a young girl who gets magically shrunk down. Now only an inch tall, she discovers a whole race of tiny people known as the Leafmen, who are embroiled in a war with evil forest creatures known as Boggans (led by Django’s Christoph Waltz). A big hit when it dropped in the cinemas earlier this year, Epic is an animated adventure that boast just about the starriest voice cast ever assembled: Beyonce Knowles, Colin Farrell, Jason Sudeikis and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler all pitch in their pipes to create this roller-coaster family film!

Fire with Fire (New to Rent)
Josh Duhamel is a mild-mannered fire-fighter who’s forced to take a new identity when he testifies against a sociopathic murderer. When the killer escapes and decides to take his revenge, Duhamel is forced to fight fire… with fire. BOOM! Rounding out the cast is Rosario Dawson as the US Marshal tasked with protecting him (no prizes for guessing if the two of them get it on) and Bruce Willis as concerned police detective.

A straight-forward nuts-and-bolts thriller, Fire with Fire is an easy choice for your next movie night!

Fast and Furious 6 (New to Rent)
It’s been over ten years since the first Fast and Furious film hit the screens at our local multiplexes, and one of the most fascinating things has been to watch the franchise evolve from being about underground street racers into this blockbusting action juggernaut. The cast is bigger than ever, bringing Vin Diesel and Paul Walker back into contact with Dwayne Johnson’s dogged federal agent from Fast Five. Returning from the dead (literally) is Michelle Rodriguez’s character who, if anyone recalls, was killed off back in the 4th film. Seriously, don’t go into the film expecting anything to make sense.

The action sequences are gloriously over the top and the scenes with Diesel and Johnson are always immense value. For mindless good fun, there’s no better choice than Fast and Furious 6.

Run for Your Wife
Of all the poorly reviewed films of 2013, none can hold a candle to the critical panning received by Run for Your Wife, a throw-back comedy about a bigamist cabbie (Danny Dyer) who tries to make sure his two wives never find out about each other. Based on a popular stage play from the early 80s, it has the kind of story that doesn’t really fly anymore on account of how dimly it perceives women.

With the help of his mate Neil Morrissey, Dyer carries on with his shenanigans that involves deceiving wives Denise van Outen and Sarah  Harding, two women his character claims to love. You can tell that the story was devised three decades ago, as it labours under the premise that a black cab driver can afford to afford two separate properties within London’s Zone 2.

Rent it for a laugh, why not?

Sir Billi
Following on from a poorly received English film, we have this thoroughly-drubbed Scottish animation. In what could prove to be Sir Sean Connery’s last feature performance, the former Bond voices the titular Sir Billi, a skateboarding veterinarian and loving grandfather who goes on a crusade to save the last Beaver in Scotland. Joining Connery in the cast are fellow Scottish thesps Alan Cumming and Ford Kiernan from Chewin’ the Fat (which will mean nothing to anyone south of the border).

Rent this at your own peril.

Eye of the Storm (New to Rent)
When an aging Australian matriarch (Charlotte Rampling) suffers a stroke, her two somewhat-estranged children (Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis) fly across to world to be with her, sparking up old family tensions. Based on the acclaimed novel by Patrick White, it’s a funny film with moments of poignancy highlighted by performances by top-tier actors. Check it out!

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