Sep 16

Eddie Murphy News: Is Beverly Hills Cop 4 in the Pipeline?

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In an effort to cure Eddie Murphy of his recent addiction to terrible family comedies, trade paper Variety has reported that Hollywood super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer is considering a third sequel to Beverly Hills Cop. While the Los Angeles adventures of a street smart cop provided Bruckheimer with one of his first blockbuster hits, the failure of 1994′s Beverly Hills Cop 3 (set in an amusement park!) was thought to have ended the franchise forever.

With Murphy’s career in a critical and popular tailspin right now, it could be about time to check in on how the wise-cracking Axel Foley is holding up, now that he’s in his 50s and all that.

Will he share top billing with some young actor playing his son or a new partner? Or perhaps he’ll reunite with his original co-star Judge Reinhold who, in the years since, has yet to become an actual judge despite a highly promising pilot he shot in the mid-2000s

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[via Variety]

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