Sep 12

Better Call Saul: ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off given the green light

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TV critic Alan Sepinwall of released the news late yesterday that American cable network AMC is agreeing to terms with Sony Television to pick up a Saul Goodman spin-off show.

Though the idea of Bob Odenkirk‘s greasy lawyer getting his own show isn’t a new one –creator Vince Gilligan has been mooting it for over a year now– this is good news that will hopefully see some of Gilligan’s writing staff get back to creating great television!

Officially, the new programme is set before the events of Breaking Bad, showing how Saul got to become the man he is. However,  you can’t help but wonder whether the ‘prequel’ thing is just a ruse that makes you wonder if Goodman survives the last few hours of the epic crime saga. After all, if there’s one character on the show who’s a natural born survivor, it’s Saul.

There’s also no word as to whether Saul’s A-Team of Huell (Lavell Crawford) and Kuby (Bill Burr) will be involved but if it does turn out to be a prequel, it opens a door for cleaner Mike (Jonathan Banks) to make another appearance in the Breaking Bad universe!

Right now, all other details are sketchy at best, but with Odenkirk, Gilligan and Bad writer Peter Gould working on the show, it promises a certain level of quality and ambition.

As they say: it’s all good, man.

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