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Battle of the Stars: Cumberbatch vs McConaughey

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This week sees the release of two great films, each starring one of the most exciting male actors working today.

In one corner we have seasoned pro Matthew ‘The Texas Torso‘ McConaughey: the star of Mud who is in the midst of the greatest comeback this generation has ever seen.

In the other corner stands challenger Benedict ‘The Hammersmith Hammer‘ Cumberbatch, whose latest role in Star Trek into Darkness has catapulted him onto the international stage.

Hollywood ain’t big enough for the both of then. Who will prevail in this epic battle of the stars?

Round 1: Track Record
Cumberbatch: In British Ben’s relatively short film career, he’s found himself working alongside blockbuster directors Peter Jackson (The Hobbit), Steven Spielberg (War Horse) and J.J. Abrams (Star Trek into Darkness).

McConaughey: In a lengthy career spanning over 20 years, Big Mac has stepped into the ring with the likes of Ron Howard (EDtv), Robert Zemeckis (Contact), Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused), William Friedkin (Killer Joe), Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike) and the mighty Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Winner: McConaughey


Round 2: Social Standing
Cumberbatch: He’s posh as hell – his great-grandfather was the Consul General in Turkey for Queen Victoria.

McConaughey: He’s American. The only thing they respect there is money… and he has a lot of it thanks to movies like Fool’s Gold!

Winner: Cumberbatch


Round 3: Torso-tastic
Cumberbatch: A topless scene of his character taking a shower was removed from the final cut of Star Trek into Darkness.

McConaughey: Shirtless scenes are written into the contract of every project he works on. Even the animated ones.

Winner: McConaughey


Round 4: Vocal Dexterity
Cumberbatch: He can pull off uncanny impressions of Alan Rickman, David Tennant and Jonathan Ross.

McConaughey: His arsenal of accents stretches from San Antonio in South Texas all the way to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in North Texas.

Winner: Cumberbatch


Round 5: Method Madness
Cumberbatch: Dyed his hair shock white to play Julian Assange in this year’s The Fifth Estate

McConaughey: Lost 50lbs to play Ron Woodroof, a man diagnosed with HIV in the upcoming Oscar contender Dallas Buyers Club.

Winner: McConaughey


Round 6: Friends First
Cumberbatch: This year, he did a mate a solid by officiating his same-sex wedding in Ibiza. What a guy!

McConaughey: This year, he covered for his pal Lance Armstrong after he was exposed for doping. Good friends don’t abandon you when it’s revealed that you’re a lying, cheating sociopath.

Winner: Cumberbatch (though this is largely Lance Armstrong’s fault. Thanks a lot, Lance!)


FINAL SCORECARD: Cumberbatch 3, McConaughey 3

We’re completely even after six rounds! The only way to decide on a winner is to take a public vote. Who do you think should win this star-studded two-man battle royale? Let us know on the comment board below!

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5 Responses to “Battle of the Stars: Cumberbatch vs McConaughey”

  1. Su says:

    Matthew McConaughey all the way excellent actor and amazing body. Love him.x

  2. Meg says:

    Benedict cumberbatch! He’s an amazing actor and a lovely guy.

  3. Justin says:

    Cumberbatch for me. Being British I prefer the accent better, how can you argue with Sherlock? ;-)

  4. Leon says:

    Who wrote this?
    ‘Cumberbatch 3, Armstrong 3′
    I thought that this was meant to be a contest between Cumberbatch and McConaughey!

  5. blinkbox says:

    Amended! Thanks!

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