Sep 30 2013

13 Great Pieces of Breaking Bad Trivia (No Series Finale Spoilers)

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This is it. The last episode of the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad is being released this week and we couldn’t be more excited and anxious. To mark this occasion, we’ve culled together some interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the show.

These facts do not spoil anything from the final episodes of Breaking Bad. But for anyone who hasn’t seen up to Episode 8 of Season 5 (“Gliding Over All”): stay away!”

1. The title ‘Ozymandias’ from The Final Season comes from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley about the “inevitable fall of kings and empires”. A teaser was released earlier this year with Bryan Cranston reciting the poem in full.

2. The entire crew wore black armbands for Jonathan Banks’ (Mike) last day of shooting in Season Five.

3. The chemical formula shown in the opening title sequence, C10H15N (149.24 molecular weight), is the real formula for methamphetamine.

4. Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) was a German physicist who is best known for his uncertainty principle in quantum theory. Interesting parallel or pure coincidence?

5. A painting seen on Jane’s wall has a pink teddy bear falling in the sky, just like the one that falls into Walt’s pool.

6. The Heisenberg hat was largely absent for season 3. Bryan Cranston was quoted as saying he took note of this and brought the hat back specifically for the scene with Gus to show the power Walt holds.

7. The tenth episode of Season 3 (“The Fly”) features the fewest cast members of any episode produced. Only Jesse, Walt and a few laundry employees appear. That episode was directed by cult favourite Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper).

8. According to an interview with Bryan Cranston, throwing the pizza onto the roof was accomplished on the first take. The pizza was very heavy and very real — there’s a split second where Cranston actually does a double-take, surprised at the result.
Roof Pizza

9. When Ted hits his head in Episode 11 of Season 4, the oranges that roll off the counter are a reference to The Godfather. In that classic film, oranges presage a number of key deaths.

10. Los Pollos Hermanos won a “Best Burrito” contest for 2010 in Albuquerque, as seen in a poster in the restaurant. This is in honour of the real restaurant set they use, which is a locally renowned burrito joint called ‘Twisters’.
(image via Metro)

11. Marius Stan, who played Walt’s impressively-eyebrowed carwash boss Bogdan, is in real life  a nuclear physicist.

12. When characters on the show are shown smoking meth, the actors are actually smoking sugar or rock candy (but do not inhale).

13. The supposedly remote ‘desert’ sequences where the RV meth cooking sessions were covertly conducted, were simply filmed on the production facility backlot in New Mexico.

The Final Episode of Breaking Bad will be available from Tuesday 1 October. Pray for Walter White.

Sep 30 2013

“Earth is now a battleground…” New Releases Monday 30 September 2013

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After Earth (Early Digital Release)
The Smith Family Robinson (Will and Jaden) crash-land on Earth in the distant future. Dad is out of commission with a broken leg, so it’s up to junior to navigate the dangerous terrain and save both their lives. Conceived by Will Smith as a vehicle for his nascent action-star son, After Earth is a special-effects laden adventure directed by The Sixth Sense’s M. Night Shyamalan.

The Last Exorcism: Part 2
The very fact this film exists kind of negates the original film’s title, but that doesn’t really matter! Carrying on some time after the events of the first film, farmer’s daughter Nell is now working as a hotel chambermaid. Still haunted by the events of the first film, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be needing the services of some demon-smashing professionals!

Much Ado About Nothing (Early Digital Release)
Shot in 12 days after finishing principal photography on The Avengers, Joss Whedon directed a micro-budget gem with this adaptation of the Bard’s finest comedy. Employing the services of stars from Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, this version of Much Ado… is unsurprisingly funny; with the cast making the most out of all the Shakespearean dialogue. Standout performances come from Amy Acker as the cynical Beatrice and Nathan Fillion (Castle) as the buffoonish constable Dogberry.

Sceptics ought to seek this one out: it’s very good.

The Big Wedding (Early Digital Release)
This uptown romantic comedy is not helped out in the least by its terribly grating poster (see above) but its all-star cast makes it a very intriguing prospect. In the lead-up to the grand wedding of Ben Barnes and Amanda Seyfried (herself no stranger to wedding-themed movies), things start going awry thanks to Barne’s dysfunctional family (Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace, Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro). To make things more hectic, Robin Williams rocks up as their wacky minister!

I mean: didn’t the happy couple see License to Wed?

The Iceman
Hollywood’s Most Intense ActorTM Michael Shannon stars in this true-life story of Richard Kuklinski, a notorious assassin who also happened to be a devoted family man. Torn between providing for his family and protecting them from the truth, he begins to run afoul of his mob connection (Ray Liotta). If you’re a fan of Boardwalk Empire, you will know how fascinating Shannon is as a tortured screen presence: check it out.

When a brother and sister witness two fugitives killing a man in the woods, the only person who can save them is their beloved father (Brendan Fraser). But for daddy dearest to come to the rescue, he has to break out of jail first! Co-starring Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell and My Name is Earl’s Ethan Suplee, this pot-boiler is a pleasant throwback to 90s thrillers like The River Wild.

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III
When is a Wes Anderson film not a Wes Anderson film? When it’s the second feature by Roman Coppola, Anderson’s co-writer on Moonrise Kingdom and other projects

Featuring Anderson regulars Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray, this film follows a successful graphic designer (Charlie Sheen) whose brain starts to off the boil when his long-term girlfriend dumps him, ending his ‘winning’ streak.

It’s a handsome looking film with a lot of nice visual touches but the fact that it was roundly slammed by critics cannot be ignored. However, a 15% rating on rotten tomatoes does mean that 1 in every 6 reviewers found it ‘okay’ at the very least!

For more of the latest films, head over to New Releases at blinkbox

Sep 27 2013

New Release: Aidan Gillan finds the heart of darkness in ‘Mister John’

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Mister John is being simultaneously released in cinemas and for rental at blinkbox today.

Aidan Gillen is Gerry, a family man who leaves Britain after he discovers his wife’s infidelities. As he heads to Singapore to settle his dead brother’s affairs, he ends up taking assuming his identity in more ways than one, taking care of his family as well as replacing him as the proprietor of a seedy club named Mister John’s.

Shot on location in South East Asia, the film looks palpably sweaty and claustrophobic: a Lynchian nightmare in the tropics, as the trailer’s pull-quote suggests. It co-stars Claire Keelan from Nathan Barley and Zoe Tay (one of Singapore’s most famous actresses) as Gerry’s old and new wife respectively. It also showcases a rare leading performance from Gillen, whose transformation to leading man status is way past overdue.

Mister John is now in cinemas and available to rent from £5.99

Sep 26 2013

Half-Priced blinkbox Movie and TV Cards!

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It’s getting to the point in the year when we’re seemingly going to birthday celebrations just about every other day. While we thought this was just a stray observation, it turns out to have some basis in fact.

According to a report in the Daily Mail (that most respected journal of opinion), late September is the most birthday-laden time of the year. While you can speculate all you like about why this is the case, in real-world terms it means we’re faced with a whole lot of inconvenient birthday shopping this time of year.

Well, there’s some great news: blinkbox is proud to announce our all-new Movie and TV Cards, now available at select Tesco stores!

Cards can be used on Movies or TV shows at Rent from 99p or own from £4.99 – whether it’s a latest release movie or your favourite TV boxset, there’s a gift for everyone!


Now here’s the truly exciting part:

From 24th September to 20th October 2013 Movie & TV cards are available in selected Tesco stores for half price. The £14 TV box set you’ve been eying up will now only cost you £7. That’s a bargain if ever I heard one. Terms and conditions apply

To find your closest participating Tesco store, open the Store Locator and select “Gift Card Store” from the menu.

So next time you find yourself stopping by Tesco before a party for a perfunctory bottle of wine, consider picking up a blinkbox card for the birthday boy/girl.

Remember: the gift of great movies is always better than stuffing an envelope with cash. That’s just tacky.

For more information on the blinkbox Movie & TV card, just click here

Sep 26 2013

Trailer Park: October Preview

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Welcome back to the Trailer Park, the one place on blinkbox where vagrant film fans and nomadic cinephiles can rest their feet and check out sneak peeks of the best upcoming movies

This week, we’re having a look at some of our favourite new titles dropping at blinkbox in the month of October.

Monday 7 October

The Purge: Domestic thriller set in a future America where, for just one night a year, all crimes are legal. Ethan Hawke and Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey star.


Behind the Candelabra: As Jason Statham might put it , Michael Douglas plays ‘the gay’ in Steven Soderbergh’s Emmy-winning Liberace biopic.


Monday 14 October

World War Z: Brad Pitt plays an implausibly handsome family-man who’s forced to knuckle down for the zombie apocalypse.


After Earth: Jaden Smith tries to get Big Willy’s style to rub off on him in this sci-fi adventure.


Monday 21 October

This is The End: If the world were truly coming to an end, where else would you rather be if not in a mansion with Seth Rogen? (contains bad language and sexual references)


Hummingbird: Jason Statham gets serious for this East End crime drama from the writer of Eastern Promises.


Monday 28 October

Now You See Me: Illusionists Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson pull off a daring heist… using MAGIC!


The Great Gatsby: Leonardo DiCaprio is the mysterious title character in Baz Luhrmann’s glitzy adaptation of the Great American Novel.


The Internship: Erstwhile wedding crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn reunite as a pair of middle-aged burnouts looking to score a job with Google. A comedy.


Before Midnight: Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy return for another long and wondrous chat in this acclaimed sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.


But if you really insist on leaving the sometime in October, there will also be some great THEATRICAL RELEASES coming to a cinema near you. MOVIES LIKE:

Captain Phillips (18 October): Based on the harrowing true story, Tom Hanks plays a cargo captain kidnapped by Somali pirates.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (25 October): Sight gags and food puns galore in the sequel to the surprisingly hilarious 2009 animated feature.

Thor: The Dark World (30 October): The Norse God of Thunder returns to hammer bad guys from alternate dimensions.

We’ve had a great September, folks. See you on the other side!

Sep 26 2013

‘Need for Speed’ Trailer: Aaron Paul is the Heisenberg of the Street Racing Circuit

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There are just a few long days until the final episode of Breaking Bad is released upon the public so there is literally no better time than now for the release of this first trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation Need for SpeedAaron Paul –who has never been better than in this last season of Bad– is driving fast cars, smouldering quietly and walking away from things in slow motion.

He even delivers a menacing monologue, played over the top of the action: a self-aggrandising voice-over reminiscent of the latter day Walter White. But then again, we’ve been thinking about Breaking Bad so much recently that everything reminds us of Walter White.

Need for Speed is in cinemas 14 March 2014

Sep 25 2013

Lock the doors and keep the motor running: it’s the trailer for ‘In Fear’

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Boasting a pull-quote from The Telegraph claiming it to be “the best British chiller since The Descent“, the makers of this film has certainly set the bar high for themselves. On the other hand, there haven’t been that many great British chillers since The Descent.

Lucy and Tom are a young couple on their way to a music festival when they find themselves lost in an ever-darkening maze of country roads and dead ends. To make things worse, the pair of them suspect they’re being stalked by a mysterious figure.

Directed by TV veteran Jeremy Lovering, In Fear stars Iain De Caestecker from the upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show and Alice Englert from Beautiful Creatures and Ginger & Rosa (although the FrightFest programme just condescendingly refers to her as Jane Campion‘s daughter‘).

Structured like a haunted house movie (only set outdoors), the film looks like it could be a wonderfully slow-burning nail-biter of a film. You know… like The Descent.

In Fear rolls up to cinemas 8 November

Sep 25 2013

Play Downton Abbey Bingo this Sunday!

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The fourth series of Downton Abbey has started up on the telly just this past week. For those of you who missed the first episode, it’s available to buy now at blinkbox.

With it’s splendid production values, wonderful performances and classically melodramatic story lines, Downton has captured the public’s attention in a way very few period dramas have done before. So what better way to celebrate this landmark show’s return than by adding a competitive element to the viewing experience.

Enter: Downton Bingo
(click to enlarge)

So grab your large felt-tip pens and begin crossing out the squares whenever one of these things occur during an episode!

New episodes of Downton Abbey will be available at blinkbox every week

Sep 25 2013

Jason Segel to Star in a Maple Syrup Heist Movie

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In 2012, it was uncovered that someone had siphoned six million pounds of viscous gloop from the Global Strategic Maple Syrup outside of Montreal. It’s likely that you read this story in a newspaper last year, though you couldn’t be blamed for dismissing the memory as just some cheese dream– and with good reason.

Firstly, no regular person would  expect there to be such a thing as a strategic maple syrup reserve (lest the poor pancake lovers of the world face the very real danger of going without their favourite topping). And secondly, who would have thought it possible heist sugar water to the tune of $18 million?

From just those details, it sounds like the set-up for a knockabout crime comedy, which is precisely why it’s being turned into one with How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel.

The premise is pretty intriguing but what angle will the story be taking?

Will it be an Ocean’s Eleven-style caper about a bunch of friends looking to get rich?

Could it be a fun revenge yarn about an everyman getting back at the evil Maple Industrial Complex that took away his job and family?

Will Segel find a reason to get his penis out on screen again?

Only time can tell but until then, here’s a video of some guy chugging six bottles of pancake syrup.

Sep 24 2013

Trailer Park: Our most anticipated films of Autumn/Winter 2013

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As the days grow shorter and shorter, we’re all coming to one realisation: Summer is now a thing of the past. Spending your evenings in a park or enjoying al fresco dining is no longer an option. This means only one thing: time to head to the cinema.

Check out these trailers for the films we’re most looking to for the rest of the year.


Blue Jasmine (27 September)
Top Line: Cate Blanchett hits top form for Woody Allen’s best film in over 2 decades.


The Fifth Estate (11 October)
Top Line: Man of the moment Benedict Cumberbatch is Julian Assange in the WikiLeaks story.


Machete Kills (11 October)
Top Line: Danny Trejo’s blade wielding Mexican bad-ass returns in a mad, star-studded, action sequel.


Captain Phillips (18 October)
Top Line: Based on the harrowing true story, Tom Hanks plays a cargo captain kidnapped by Somali pirates.


Ender’s Game (25 October)
Top Line: Harrison Ford leads a young cast in the long awaited adaptation of the beloved science-fiction novel.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (25 October)
Top Line: Sight gags and food puns galore in the sequel to the surprisingly hilarious 2009 animated feature.


Thor: The Dark World (30 October)
Top Line: The Norse God of Thunder returns to hammer bad guys from alternate dimensions.


Gravity (8 November)
Top Line: Astronaut Sandra Bullock is trapped in outer space for this nerve-shredding thriller from the director of Children of Men.


The Counsellor (15 November)
Top Line: Director Ridley Scott assembles an all-star cast for a script by author Cormac McCarthy (No Country…)


Hunger Games: Catching Fire (21 November)
Top Line: The sequel to the YA hit of 2012 sees Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence back in the (hunger) game!


Carrie (29 November)
Top Line: Borderline blasphemous remake of the Stephen King novel has young prom queen Chloë Moretz covered in pig’s blood this time. (Non-Spoiler alert)


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (13 December)
Top Line: Peter Jackson’s Hobbit sequel promises more Dwarfs, more Orlando Bloom and at least one more Benedict Cumberdragon.


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (20 December)
Ron Burgundy is back with the Channel 4 News Team… and things are going to escalate quickly.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (26 December)
Ben Stiller waxes poetic with this adaptation about a normal man who daydreams of greatness.

For more of the latest trailers, head over to blinkbox