Aug 29

TRAILER: Skinny Matthew McConaughey in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

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It’s the movie everyone’s been aware of even before even knowing what it was!

We’ve months now, we’ve been seeing the photos in the tabloids: an emaciated Matthew McConaughey walking to the set of some AIDS drama he was working on. For the usually body-proud and buff Texan, these pictures were genuinely shocking.

Shedding over 50lbs by allegedly ingesting all his meals in vapour form (or, others claim, by just eating egg whites and drinking Diet Coke), the final product of his toil is on display in the trailer for Dallas Buyers Club.

He plays Ron Woodruff, a man diagnosed with HIV in the 80s and given 30 days to live by the doctors. He takes to smuggling medication in from Mexico when the Food and Drug Administration refuse to approve newer, more effective drugs. Previously a hard-living, drug taking, homophobic man, he strikes up a working friendship with an unrecognisable Jared Leto, who plays a transgendered woman and fellow HIV-carrier.

Oscar buzz has already started to surround both stars, with McConaughey being a genuine contender for Best Actor should the film deliver on the trailer’s promise. As the culmination of a career resurgence years in the making, its tough to argue that he doesn’t deserve it.

Dallas Buyers Club is scheduled for UK release 7 February 2014

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