Aug 20

Thrilling New Trailer for Wong Kar-Wai’s Martial Arts Epic ‘The Grandmaster’

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Having spent literally years in the making, Wong Kar-Wai‘s latest masterpiece is now getting all the bells and whistles put on for it’s US release! Since being picked in America by The Weinstein Company, The Grandmaster has received a new, tighter cut (supervised by Wong), an ‘Presented by’ imprimatur from Martin Scorsese and now… this explosive new trailer with a pumping track from the RZA!

Known among cinéastes as a leading light in World Cinema, Wong’s exposure has been limited in the West, where he’s best known for 2000′s gorgeous In the Mood for Love, a tale of unrequited love set in the 60s. Now, with this lovingly (and pain-painstakingly) made martial arts film, he may be looking to explode in America much the same way that Ang Lee did with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

In telling the (partially fictionalised) story of famed Wing Chun master Ip Man, Wong put his all-star cast through months –and in some cases, years– of martial arts training under the supervision of legendary choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping. The result: perhaps the most dazzling martial arts footage we’ve ever seen. Knowing Wong’s fascination with melancholy and nostalgia, it seems unlikely that the final picture will be has high octane as this trailer suggests.

But if it takes a little subterfuge to expose the mainstream to this most venerated of modern auteurs, then so be it!

The Grandmaster does not currently have a UK release date. Boo.

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