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“The Man in the Iron Man”: New Releases Monday 19 August 2013

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Iron Man 3 (Early digital release)
Genius playboy billionaire Tony Stark returns faces his second biggest challenge ever (after the massive Alien invasion from The Avengers). This time, America is facing a terrorist threat from a mysterious figure known as the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), who may have something to do with Tony’s past. Writer/director Shane Black of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon takes the reins on this sequel and places his stamp all over it, peppering it with great details like self-aware henchmen, a meta-textual narrative and even more of Robert Downey Jr’s signature quips. Building up to an enormous finale, Iron Man 3 is a notable improvement from the disappointing second film. Watch it first here!

Olympus Has Fallen (Early digital release)

Master of dialects Gerard Butler stars this week in a straight-forward, no nonsense action film. He plays a disgraced American Secret Service agent who comes to the rescue when North Korean terrorists lay siege to the White House, taking President Aaron Eckhart hostage. There’s next to no subtlety in this film, but Butler’s always best when he’s motion and kicking butt. This film is not to be confused with the upcoming White House Down, in which Channing Tatum plays a government employee who saves the president when the White House is taken in a siege. I know: confusing, right?

The Look of Love
Paul Raymond, for those unfamiliar with the name, was once the wealthiest man in Britain. His property holdings encompassed much of Soho from the 70s onwards and he was worth something like £650 million pounds at the time of his death in 2008. It was an empire that he built on the selling of sex. As played by Steve Coogan, he’s a tragic figure who had everything he wanted but was slowly losing the only thing he truly care about: his daughter. The cast is made up of a Who’s who of comic actors, but don’t expect an Alan Partridge-type comedy. The film is good, but it’s definitely not intended to be a laugh riot.

Oblivion (New to Rent)
Tom Cruise is the last man left. Along with his lover/colleague Andrea Riseborough, he has been left on our ruined planet with the task of maintaining the machines that are tending the ruins of Earth. He is basically the human Wall-E, if you will. Directed by the man who brought you the 2010’s Tron: Legacy, this sci-fi thriller has a wonderful production design that’s very pleasing on the eyes and ears. It also boasts a solid lead performance from Cruise, who still remains the most reliable of movie stars, even in the fourth decade of his career. This is now available to rent.

A group of tourists are in an underground club in Chile when a massive earthquake hits the city. Crippling the city, the quake quickly sends the locals into a Mad Max state of mind. Looting and violence ensues, plunging the community into chaos while the threat of an oncoming tsunami looms large. Starring Eli Roth in a rare acting role, it’s the kind of interesting disaster movie where the destructive force of a nature plays second fiddle to the monstrous potential of everyday human beings.

Based on a shocking true story, Compliance is a film that takes a long hard look at what terrible things human beings are capable of when they think they’re just following orders. When the manageress of a small-town fast food chain receives a call from a man claiming to be a police officer, she traps a young female employee in the back room where she’s subjected to all sorts of abuse. On the orders of this alleged detective, she is accused on theft and forced to strip down and refused the right to defend herself. It’s a seriously tough film to watch, but a powerful piece of work that’s as engrossing as it is upsetting. This could very well be out movie of the week.

Flying in under the radar this week is this pitch-black comedy from director Richard Linklater. Jack Black plays Bernie, a mild-mannered and well-liked mortician who strikes up a relationship with a rich and curmudgeonly old woman played by Shirley MacLaine. Bernie is so beloved by the community that no-one around seems to notice when Bernie murders the old crone and hides away her body.  As a part of his continuing career resurgence, Matthew McConaughey turns up as a district attorney intent on putting Bernie away.

Released in the States last year, the film was met with critical accolades, earning a whopping 90% rating on rottentomatoes. Check it out now!

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