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The Home-Made Iron Man and Other Less Successful Superhero Costumes

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If you’re anything like us, at some point in your youth you will have put your underwear on the outside of your pyjama bottoms and tied a red towel around your neck. Running around the streets with your friends, this was the closest you would ever get to being Superman.

Now with technology being a lot more advanced and the internet now being a thing, dressing up as your favourite superhero has the potential to be a lot more sophisticated.

Just this year, 17 year-old amateur propmaker Archie Whitehead made the papers when he introduced this home-made Iron Man suit from his home in Welwyn Garden City.
Photos from Archie Whitehead

Costing him £400 and four months of his life, Archie built this suit out of foam and spray paint!

Impressive as it is, not just anyone can sit down and make a costume with this kind of scope and attention to detail.

Here are just a couple of home-made superheroes who are –shall we say- less than spectacular:

1. We don’t know where to start with this costume… but we reckon the little tote bag is just the sad cherry on this terrible sundae.

2. Think about it: you were invincible, you would definitely drink and smoke as much as you like, right?

3. I don’t know about you, but this ‘sexy Spider-man’ costume is not having the desired effect.

4. Can you have a thyroid condition when you’re just an animated skeleton?

5. Nice thinking, bro!

6. Heeeey! Smooth moves, Fonzie!

7. We’re giving this guy an A for effort but an F for his Flip Flops. 
In case you haven’t put it together, he’s supposed to be the Incredible Hulk.

Okay, that’s enough of ragging on people for one day.

Just to end on a nice note, here are some picture of pugs in superhero outfits!

Puggly-Mermaid Puggerwoman

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