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“Party Like You’re Jeff Chang!” New Releases Monday 26 August 2013

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21 and Over (Early Digital Release)
It’s Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday, which in America means he is finally of a legal drinking age. His best pals want to take him out to celebrate but he’s got an important interview of medical school the next day. Of course he relents and agrees to go out just one and of course things eventually get way out of hand! We’re talking about sorority girls! Buffalo stampedes! Nudity!

Created by writers of The Hangover, 21 & Over looks and feel an awful lot like The Hangover – which is no terrible thing when you’re making a debauched party comedy!

Olympus Has Fallen

Master of dialects Gerard Butler stars this week in a straight-forward, no nonsense action film. He plays a disgraced American Secret Service agent who comes to the rescue when North Korean terrorists lay siege to the White House, taking President Aaron Eckhart hostage. There’s next to no subtlety in this film, but Butler’s always best when he’s motion and kicking butt. This film is not to be confused with the upcoming White House Down, in which Channing Tatum plays a government employee who saves the president when the White House is taken in a siege. I know: confusing, right?

(Olympus Has Fallen is now available to rent)

I’m So Excited!

Pedro Almodóvar returns to his early career form with a light comedy set aboard a beleaguered Spanish airline. When an intercontinental flight runs into technical trouble mid-flight, the crew begin to panic and drug the entirety of Economy Class leaving the bizarre characters in First Class to speculate wildly about their fate. There is a psychic woman aboard who spooks the pilots with her premonitions, a miserably and bossy middle-aged woman annoyed with the poor service on this potentially terminal fight and a trio of gay air stewards who deal with situation in very different ways. Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz pop-up for an early cameo, but don’t expect them to stick around for very long. An enjoyable souffle of a film, I’m So Excited! will be a genuine surprise for fans of Almodovar only used his recent serious works.

Get Lucky
Up and coming star of the stage and screen, Luke Treadaway is a petty criminal named Lucky (irony alert!) who gets into a whole world of trouble when he destroys a load of counterfeit money to avoid trouble with the police. His only problem: when money goes missing, the owners always come looking. Needless to say, Lucky’s luck gets even worse as he desperately tries to put together £150,000.

From Matthieu Kassovitz, the director of La Haine and The Crimson Rivers, comes this true-life story about a French cop (Kassovitz in the leading role) dropped into New Caledonia in 1988. Tasked with brokering a peaceful solution with separatists who have taken over an island, he faces both political pressure and the tangible threat of violence. Even if you’re not a fan of reading subtitles, you might be won over by this violent and morally complicated film

Eye of the Storm
When an aging Australian matriarch (Charlotte Rampling) suffers a stroke, her two somewhat-estranged children (Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis) fly across to world to be with her, sparking up old family tensions. Based on the acclaimed novel by Patrick White, it’s a funny film with moments of poignancy highlighted by performances by top-tier actors. Check it out!

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