Aug 19

Oblivion: Riding Shotgun in The Bubbleship

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Tom Cruise‘s latest science-fiction blockbuster Oblivion is such a aesthetic treat on so many levels. From its vision of a post-apocalyptic Earth to the Apple-inspired architecture, it’s really a remarkable piece of design. But one of the most spectacular things in the film must be the jet-powered helicoptor-thing that Cruise tools about in. Dubbed The Bubbleship,  a full-scale model was created for director Joseph Kosinski, who was keen to avoid using CG wherever possible.

Cruise, a licensed pilot and self-confessed motorcycle junkie, looks positively boyish climbing into the rig while co-star Olga Kurylenko looks genuinely terrified by the experience.

It also came as a surprise how much of the sky tower’s sets are real as well: instead of shooting it all on a green screen, they seem to have set up back-projected screens to give the illusion of an endless horizon. Pretty cool stuff.

Oblivion is now available at blinkbox in standard definition as well as HD

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