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“Get her to the church on time”: New Releases, Week Starting 12 August 2013

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You can’t have missed the fact that there has been an uptick in the amount of wedding comedies made in the wake of the super-successful Bridesmaids. If we’re being honest, most of them have been total all shades of rubbish… but thankfully that’s not the case with this week’s new release. Featuring a fantastic cast of female stars, Bachelorette is actually very funny. Kirsten Dunst is a miserable woman in her 30s who finds herself embittered when she’s asked to act as the maid of honour at the wedding of her ‘fat friend’ (Rebel Wilson). Together with their friend Isla Fisher (crazy party chick) and Lizzy Caplan (dry, sardonic), she unwittingly threatens to ruin the wedding with some solid 15 Certificate hijinks!

The Place Beyond the Pines
Ryan Gosling reunites with his Blue Valentine writer/director Derek Cianfrance in a dark and moody film about fathers and sons. He plays a travelling stunt biker who re-encounters a woman he hooked up with the year before (Eva Mendes). Discovering that they’ve has a child together, he promptly packs in his job so that he can stay in town. Of course, there are very few opportunities for a man whose only skills involve riding motorbikes, which result in him to armed robberies.

As you know from the poster that Bradley Cooper also stars: he plays a local cop with dreams that stretch further than the confines of his small town. Further than that, we really think that this is a film that you need to discover for yourself. It’s an ambitiously-told story with plenty of great turns from its ensemble cast and you should check it out before you read too much more about it.

Evil Dead
Mia (Jane Levy) is an addict on the cusp of recovery. Her brother and best friends have brought her to a cabin in the woods where she plans to go cold turkey far away from civilisation. While struggling with symptoms of withdrawal, she inadvertently becomes possessed by an evil spirit released by the opening of a creepy book found in the cellar. This, of course, leads to a series of gruesome events in which the spirit begins to pick off her friends one by one. The film is a straight-forward and sincere homage to the horror classic – one that is very scary indeed.

Spring Breakers
James Franco stars a corn-rowed, gold-grilled gangster wannabe in this sun-kissed crime comedy from director Harmony Korine. When a group of four young college girls on Spring Break run out of money, they try to rob a restaurant and end up getting arrested. Seeing potential in them, Franco’s character bails them out and the group embark on a wild crime spree across Florida. One of the biggest American indie hits of the year, Spring Breakers is crazy good fun.

The Words
Prepare to have your mind bent: this is the only film this week to have a story within a story within a story. Dennis Quaid is an author at a public reading of his novel it tells of an aspiring author (Bradley Cooper) wracked with guilt when he receives acclaim for a novel he plagarised from a lost manuscript.  The film’s action flits between Quaid’s story, his novel and the novel in the novel, which sees a young WWII soldier (Ben Barnes) fall in love with a French waitress. It’s kind of like a literary version of Inception, if you will.

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks
From Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney (Mea Maxima Culpa, Enron) comes this documentary about one of the most pressing issues in the West. Following the much-publicised story of Julian Assange and the events that led him to become a hero to some… and Public Enemy #1 to others. Gibney has established himself as one of the world’s most essential documentary film-makers. This film is a must-see.

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