Aug 12

EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes of ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’

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Reuniting Ryan Gosling with his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, The Place Beyond the Pines is a sprawling spiritual epic that defies the expectations set-up by its all-star cast. Take a look behind the camera with this exclusive featurette that sees Gosling, Cianfrance and co-star Bradley Cooper talk about the film’s genesis and their reasons for being drawn towards the project.

Those of you who haven’t seen this film yes should avoid reading too much about it beforehand. It’s not like there’s a Shyamalan-style twist or anything — but the story is unpredictable in a way that most films are rarely these days. It’s not Drive 2, as you may have been told; it’s very different but very good as well.

The Place Beyond the Pines is now available to rent at blinkbox

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