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7 Incredible ‘Breaking Bad’ Memes and Virals

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With the first episode of Breaking Bad’s final season arriving on blinkbox next week, we’ve been revisiting some old episodes and trawling the internet for some of the best memes, viral content and fan-generated art. In order to understand these, you will need to be kind of up-to-date with Breaking Bad but surprisingly enough, and of course there will be spoilers.

**TO REPEAT: The following images and links may contain spoilers**

1. You know a show has really made it big when it inspires a web comic created on Microsoft Paint.




There are loads more of these on tumblr.

2. Ever notice how all of Walter Junior’s scenes take place around the breakfast table?


(via storify)

3. After a while, people started noticing a number of similarities with Malcolm in the Middle.
(via buzzfeed)

Jane Kaczmarek, who played Cranston’s wife on Malcolm, is also slated to appear in the final series of episodes. As proof, Dean Norris (Hank) posted this photo on Instagram:
5. Remember Bogdan, Walt’s boss from the carwash?
He’s played by part-time actor Marius Stan, a senior physicist formerly of New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory!

4. You can actually go to Saul Goodman’s website, where he offers testimonials from former clients Badger and Wendy the meth hooker!


5. The Internet also has a huge crush on Hector Salamanca.



6. If you ever wanted to see poor Gale’s entire karaoke music video (complete with Thai subtitles), here it is:

The track he’s singing is Peter Schilling’s Major Tom (Coming Home), which continues the story of the astronaut from David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

7. Hank’s fascination with minerals in Season 4 took on a new life, thanks to the internet.


Mineral 3


Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 (Part 1) are now available at blinkbox in HD.

The first episode of the Final Season will land on blinkbox next Tuesday 13 August with new episodes dropping every week after that.

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