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6 Amazing Things Only Mad Men Fans Will Understand

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With the arrival of Mad Men’s Sixth Season on blinkbox, we thought it would be a good time to share some of our favourite Sterling Cooper-relating observations, reactions and parodies. Fire up a Lucky Strike and pour yourself a stiff one… you’re going to enjoy this.

1. Of all the Man Men parody accounts on Twitter, none can hold a candle to ‘80s Don Draper

2. You can’t be classed as a pop-cultural phenomenon until you get your own parody on Sesame Street.

3. Tom & Lorenzo’s Mad Style is possibly the best Mad Men blog on the internet.

Written by style and fashion bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez, Mad Style is an indispensable resource for Mad Men fanatics. Their posts break down each weeks’ episodes, analysing the work and decisions made by costume designer Janie Bryant.
The more you read of this blog, the more you appreciate how much time, consideration and talent goes into every element of this show. With their impeccable eye and understanding of how costumes inform character, relationships and narrative, Tom and Lorenzo rarely miss a trick. They sometimes even act as forensic fashionistas, attempting to predict a characters’ secrets by their choice of neckerchief or by speculating why a necklace from Season 2 is making a return in a key scene from Season 5.

This is an essential read for fans of the show.

4. As it turns out, the employees of Sterling Cooper [Draper Pryce] have a lot in common with the high school students from Mean Girls.




5. “I am Harry Crane. Look on my increasingly poor sartorial decisions and despair.”
Harry’s transformation from Nation of Islam to creepy L.A. lounge lizard has to be one of the most unsettling things about the show.

6. And let us never forget the wit and wisdom of Roger Sterling:

tumblr_lymyjfGiMs1qbsbnoo1_250 Sterling's Gold 4
Sterling's Gold 3 Sterling's Gold 2

7. And speaking of Roger, his failed memoir ‘Sterling’s Gold’ is actually available in Hardback!


It’s not long ‘til Christmas and this would definitely make for a great stocking-filler!

Mad Men Season 6 is now available in blinkbox


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