Jul 31

TEASER: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Hype Machine Now at Full Speed

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We know that The Wolverine came out in cinemas only days ago but apparently 20th Century Fox want you to forget all about that noise and concentrate on NEXT Summer’s mutant-related blockbuster. Which of course is Bryan Singer‘s X-Men:
Days of Future Past
, an epic mash-up that will unite both the original 2000 X-Men and the cast of 2010′s X-Men: First Class.

Taking the lead from a classic Marvel comics arc of the same name, it will see X-Men in multiple timelines fight against Bolivar Trask, industrialist and inventor of government-funded mutant-killing robots known as Sentinals.

But don’t worry — these robots are here to help all loyal citizens.

This clip comes from the newly-published official website for Trask Industries, a fictional defense contractor that will play a big role in the upcoming film. Along with a company history and some creepy corporate videos, the site gives us a first look at Peter Dinklage‘s character:



You want propaganda-style posters? They got them!

You want to see Sentinals photoshopped into historical events like some massive metal Forrest Gump? Well, you’re also in luck:

So what are you still doing here? Go on and check out the site!

X-Men: First Class is now available at blinkbox.

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