Jul 11

WATCH: Someone Let Josh Brolin Out of the Box in ‘Oldboy’ Red-BandTrailer

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Just about the most highly-anticipated remake of a foreign film EVER, Spike Lee‘s English-language version of Oldboy dropped its first trailer last night!

If the plot of the new film is anything like Park Chan-wook‘s original, Josh Brolin is playing a Korean businessman who’s mysteriously abducted and held in a room for twenty years, only to be released in equally mysterious circumstances. With the help of Elizabeth Olsen, Brolin has to discover the truth behind his incarceration or else some bad people are gonna hurt his estranged daughter!

There will be gut punches, broken bones and some serious hammer action involved. But most intriguingly: there will be Samuel L Jackson, playing either a skinny version of the mid-2000s wrestler Viscera or a old version  of Wesley Snipes‘ character from Demolition Man.

Oldboy opens in UK cinemas 6th December — just in time for your annual trip to the cinema with your elderly parents!


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