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Royal Baby News: Great Movie Names for Baby Boys and Girls

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With the imminent end of The Duchess of Cambridge’s regal gestation period, the words on everyone’s lips at the moment are ‘Royal Baby’. Even the prospect of a British Wimbledon champion cannot dim the public interest in all things baby-related.

Perhaps the biggest question on the public’s collective mind, it has been a matter of speculation what the Duke and Duchess will name their sprog. If it’s a boy, will they go for tradition and name him George? If it’s a girl, will they play an elaborate prank and set Britain up for a future Queen Latifah II?

Or maybe they’ll grab on to the increasing popular trend of naming their child after character from the world of Film and TV?

1. In 2012, 146 American girls were named Khaleesi after Emelia Clarke’s title in Game of Thrones
(via The Baby Name Wizard)

2. There is an exclusive club of British people named ‘Yoda’. It consists solely of this guy:
Yoda Reeves, right, reluctantly wearing a T-Shirt that the photographer brought with him.

3. Rugby League player Jamie Jones-Buchanan recently named his newborn son ‘Bane’ after the Batman villain.
A big fan of genre fare, his other children are named:

  • Lore, after Data’s brother in Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Dax, after the symbiotic alien character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Kurgan, which was the name of the villain in Jones-Buchanan’s favourite film, The Highlander.

(via Digital Spy)

4. A mother of 13 from Derby has named many of her little ‘uns after movie characters, including Frodo, Morpheus, Rogue (from the X-Men) and Voorhees (Jason’s surname from Friday the 13th).
She also named a child Baudelaire, but it’s safe to assume it’s after the Lemony Snicket character and not the French poet and critical thinker. (via Nancy’s Baby Names)

5. According US Social Security, the fastest growing girl’s name in America is Arya — after Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.

6. After Twilight: Breaking Dawn was published, ‘Renesmee’ became popular with fans of the books, despite author Stephenie Meyer insisting that they didn’t.
(via Hollywood Life)

7. There are 994 people in the US named James Bond.
But seeing as they’re Americans, they probably go by Jim Bond, Jimbo Bond or J-Master Bizzle.

What movie-inspired name would you give the future Queen or King of England? Let us know in the comments board below!

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  1. Fenny says:

    Q for a boy, M for a girl.

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