Jul 22

LOOK: 12 ‘Girls’ GIFs for Every Occasion!

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If you’re a card-carrying member of The Millennials like we are, you’ll know that our primary way of communicating emotions is through animated images and pop-culture references.

So thank glob for the Tumblr site What Shall We Call Girls!

Apparently set up by HBO, WSWCG allows its users to submit GIFs taken from the hit show Girls and share them with fans around the world! These short, silent clips last no more than a few seconds and thanks to hordes of fans using this site there are literally like, a billion of them.

Here are some of the ones you might find most useful:

1. Are you in your 20s and eminently unemployable thanks to your literature/philosophy degree?

2. If you really need to communicate your disdain and you can’t be bothered tweeting a bitchy remark, this’ll do:

3. If you find yourself having a case of the Mondays:

4. For when you find yourself in the same room as The Queen or some other foreign dignitary:
Stand up

5. If you’re a hot mess and you’re trying to tell someone you fancy them:

6. If you’re looking to initiate that ‘on-line hookup’ everyone’s talking about these days:

7 – 12. …and for those times when you just want to dance:
HannahDance HannahDance2 HannahDance3 HannahDance4

For find just about every single moment of HBO’s Girls assembled in random order, head over to What Should We Call Girls. Bear in mind that it’s only for grown-ups and almost certainly NSFW

Or if you want to watch the show like a total square, in sequential order and in bursts of longer than 3 seconds, check out Seasons 1 and 2 of HBO’s Girls, both now available at blinkbox!

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