Jul 25

How to Legally Prevent Your Friends From Watching TV Without You*

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Have you ever started watching a new TV series with a friend/partner/flatmate only to discover they’ve watched ahead while you were out of the house? Not only is this a complete breach of trust, it could potentially result in spoilers coming out in everyday household conversations. This is pretty much the worst crime a fellow box set viewer could ever commit. And to add insult to injury, it’s a crime for which there is no legal recourse.

Until now!

With the help of our patent pending Pre-Box Set Agreement, you and your designated viewing partner can agree upon the terms of your viewership. From bathroom break protocols to non-solo viewing clauses, this air-tight document is designed to ensure maximum mutual TV enjoyment.

By signing on the dotted line, you and your fellow box set watcher can finally relax, safe in the knowledge that any breach of TV show-watching etiquette will be met with the full force of the law.**

(Click to Print PDF)

*You cannot legally prevent your friends from watching TV without you.

**Breaches of TV show-watching etiquette will not be met with any amount of Law-force. blinkbox Entertainment, Ltd is not a company of lawyers. This contract is not legally binding and will not hold up in any court of law.

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