Jul 11

Generate Your Own Film Plot with our Jason Statham Mad Lib!

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parkerJason Statham is without question the greatest action star the country has ever produced. We’re not saying that he’s the best actor or the most iconic but if you need someone to drive a car, beat up mobsters and deliver a snappy one-liner, there’s no one in the world that’s better. We literally cannot get enough of the Stath.

To tie in with the digital release of Parker (now available to rent), we’ve put together a simple template to help budding screenwriters get started on their script for a potential Jason Statham blockbuster!


Parker is now available to buy and rent at blinkbox

4 Responses to “Generate Your Own Film Plot with our Jason Statham Mad Lib!”

  1. darren hogarth says:

    1)zak 2)Twix 3)British forces 4)cleaner 5)Australian 6)jogging 7)spanish 8)Christmas tree 9) Volkswagen beetle 10)Newcastle 11)sock

  2. Andy says:

    1)David. 2)Boost. 3)Royal Army Dental Corps. 4) Mitten maker. 5)Peru. 6)Hand gliding. 7)Flemish. 8)Cobwebs. 9)1973 Mercury Capri. 10) Niagara Falls. 11) potato.

  3. Craig says:

    1) Ray 2) Picnic 3) Royal Marines 4) Patissier 5) France 6) Subutteo 7) Belgian 8) Lodger 9) Citroen 2CV 10) Stonehenge 11) Palette knife

  4. John willsea says:

    1,bert. 2,galaxy. 3, SAS. 4, Trucker. 5,belfast/English. 6, swimming, 7, Russian. 8,cricket bat. 9, Ds3. 10, New York. 11, pipe/ pole

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