Jul 16

Comic-Con Exclusive: Mondo Poster for ‘Godzilla’

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As we all know, July is the nerdiest month of the year and it’s all thanks to a single event in San Diego: Comic-Con.

Years ago, Comic-Con actually used to be a comic book convention. It was all about letting artists and writers meet the fans, while flogging some t-shirts that featured Namor, The Sub-Mariner. These days, mainstream culture has pretty much merged with geek culture. There are only a handful of summer blockbusters each year that aren’t based on Marvel or DC properties. But one of this year’s most anticipated events has nothing to do with comic books actually, but rather a remake of a Japanese icon. Perhaps the Japanese icon: Godzilla.

British director Gareth Edwards has been hard at work on the set of Warner Bros’ feature that conveniently ignores the 1998 Roland Emmerich joint that some of us had the poor fortune of seeing for our 13th birthday. He’ll be making a big presentation on Saturday with the promise of debuting new footage.

And to get everyone even more excited, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have commissioned a poster from Mondo to mark the occasion. Like their celebrated posters for Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse cinema, Mondo have pulled out the stops with this eminently collectable image. Showing a decimated building in the iconic shape of the great beast, this is the very definition of a teaser poster.


Pretty cool, huh?

Godzilla is penciled in for a 16 May 2013 release here in the UK. I imagine we’ll be talking about it a lot more before then.

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