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Comic-Con 2013: What Went Down in San Diego This Year

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Last weekend saw the culmination of the annual Comic-Con International in Southern California, in which millions of fans descended upon San Diego. With an attendance that topped 130,000 visitors in 2012, this year’s event was undoubtedly the single biggest pop-culture convention. Ever.

With all the big name events taking place in the enormous Hall H, fans lined up for hours in the baking California sun just to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars at panels scheduled throughout the day. Some fans were even rewarded in a big way: those who turned up to the Agents of SHIELD panel were shown the entire first episode of Joss Whedon‘s upcoming TV series!
It’s been no secret that the studios spend millions each year just flying their biggest stars into San Diego — if only to make a 10 minute appearance and introduce new footage to their most vocal (and tech-savvy) fans. And this year was no exception, with fresh trailers dropping left, right and centre, setting Twitter alight every time.

Slated for a November release, fans saw an all-new trailer for Catching Fire, the sequel to last year’s teen hit The Hunger Games:

Professional grump Harrison Ford was also on hand to present Ender’s Game, a Sci-Fi adventure in which he plays old man who obviously doesn’t give a damn:

At the Marvel Studios presentation, studio head Kevin Feige found himself unceremoniously ‘interrupted’ by a mystery guest:

The Marvel panel was brought to a rousing close by Nerd-King Joss Whedon, who made waves by announcing the official title of his Avengers sequel — Avengers: Age of Ultron! But if you live in the UK, you will likely see it released as Marvel Avengers Assemble: The General Time Period of The Being Known Commonly as Ultron.

Over at the DC panel, director Zack Snyder took to the stage with actor Harry Lennix to officially announce his next film: a Superman sequel that features the only man to ever defeat the Man of Steel
Needless to say, this piece of news almost literally brought the house down.

Elsewhere at the convention center, fans were slowly making their way around the floor between merchandise stalls, artists’ booths and promotional areas. But more importantly, the floor was where fans could meet with like-minded enthusiasts and show off some awesomely intricate costumes:

Bane and Batman duke it out on the Xbox.

A Simon Pegg fan gets a bit of red on him.

The Star Trek universe, as seen through the eyes of Hugh Hefner.

A Napoleonic-era Admiral Ackbar

Before heading over to Hall H for the big Breaking Bad panel, star Bryan Cranston found time to wander the convention floor… disguised as Walter White!
Cranston’s head, on display

Comic-Con International takes place next year from 24 July – 27 July. See you there!

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