Jul 04

Amanda Seyfried in ‘Lovelace’ Trailer: Like ‘Boogie Nights’ but with more crying

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Okay kids, time to go to bed – Grown-ups have to do some talkin’ down here…

Alright, now that they can’t hear us: Have you seen the new trailer for the Linda Lovelace biopic starring Amanda Seyfried? Chronicling the rise and fall of the most famous adult film star of the sexual revolution, it sees Seyfriend go from simple Catholic girl to international sexy superstar and all the way to becoming the leader of an anti-pornography movement. Her celebrity was so extensive that the title of her infamous film Deep Throat was used as a codename by the Watergate whistleblower.

The trailer certainly makes it look like an interesting character story, one that’s similar in tone to Boogie Nights. But while the strength of Paul Thomas Anderson’s film laid in the fact that it wasn’t really about porno, Lovelace looks to be quite a pointed indictment of the Seedy Seventies.

Joining Seyfried is a respectable cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard, Robert Patrick, Sharon Stone and Juno Temple (reprising her role as ‘Over-Sexualised Teenage Girl‘). James Franco also pops up in the trailer playing a man who claims to be Hugh Hefner.

Lovelace hits cinemas 23rd August

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