Jul 30

Ben Foster Will Play The Lead in a Film About That Cheater Lance Armstrong

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With there being three Lance Armstrong films currently in development, it would was only a matter of time before we got some news on who would be playing the most vilified man in professional cycling!

In the version of Armstrong’s story that’s to be directed by Stephen Frears and written by frequent Danny Boyle collaborator John Hodge, the narrative arc will follow the years between when the 7-time Tour de France ‘winner’ contracted testicular cancer and last year, when he was finally busted for being a total cheating man.

While there was speculation flying around the internet suggesting big stars like Bradley Cooper and Matthew McConaughey, many pundits neglected to mention one name that seems like a perfect choice now: Ben Foster.

Now in his early 30s, Foster is in the correct age range and possesses Armstrong’s fair-haired All-American look. On top of that, he’s proven himself to be a very capable actor with a discerning eye: over the past decade, he’s passed on most blockbuster offers, choosing instead to pursue  roles in smaller films like Rampart, 360 and the upcoming Kill Your Darlings, in which he plays William S Burroughs opposite.

But if there’s one thing for which big-screen biopics are notorious, it’s for being total Oscar bait. Assuming that the script is any good and with a heavyweight director like Frears calling the shots, we wouldn’t be surprised if Foster ends up with Oscar buzz come the 2015 award season.


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