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8 Movie Psychiatrists Who Would Be Struck Off in Real Life

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In Steven Soderbergh‘s film Side Effects, Jude Law plays a New York psychiatrist whose career and personal life is in jeopardy when a drug he prescribes to a patient (Rooney Mara) results in a grisly murder. To mark the film’s release at blinkbox this coming Monday, we’re taking a look at 8 other movie shrinks who probably shouldn’t be practicing medicine anymore.

1. Carl Jung – A Dangerous Method
Charged with treating a beautiful young woman (Keira Knightley) for a psychological condition stemming from abusive childhood, Dr Jung soon abandons conventional therapy. Instead he subjects her to a highly unorthodox treatment that involves a lot more kissin’ and cuddlin’. Not so fast, Doctor Jung…

2. Dr. CaligariThe Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Setting up shop at a carnival, Dr Caligari’s sole patient is a sleepwalker whom he keeps in a box under constant hypnosis. With the help of the doctor, Cesare is able to answer any question he’s asked about the future – a medical breakthrough if there ever was one! But something tells us an ethics review board is not going to feel the same way.

3. Dr. Hannibal Lecter – The Silence of the Lambs
After killing and eating countless patients, we can safely assume Dr Lecter is no longer on the Medical Register.

4. Dr. Ben Sobel - Analyze This
While he was able to help New York mobster Paul Vitti with his crippling panic attacks, it came at the price of becoming part of the criminal underworld. On the plus side, since he became a mob doctor, his patients started paying their bills on time.

5. Dr. Chase Meridian – Batman Forever
We’re not saying that modern women can’t be both sexy and professional, but with the way she dresses, no wonder Dr Meridian’s patients have all been driven criminally insane! Hominahominahomina <wolf whistle> Arrroooogah!

6. Dr. John Cawley – Shutter Island
“I have devised an elaborate plan that will trick one of our patients into believing he is still an FBI agent. It will put all of our staff and patients at risk and I have no earthly idea what the results will be. I truly believe this is a good idea” – Dr J Cawley

7. Dr. Malcolm Crowe – The Sixth Sense
While there’s technically nothing to stop a dead doctor from accepting new patients, it’s not a precedent the American Medical Association wants to be setting.

8. Dr. Peter Venkman – Ghostbusters

While not actually a qualified therapist, Venkman’s alma mater would likely rescind his psychology PhD if they ever found out about this experiment.

Side Effects will be available on blinkbox from Monday 15th July

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