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9 Essential Tips for Great Road Trips

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In the new film The Guilt Trip starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, the pair of them play a mother and son on a road trip across America. They spend most of their time picking up snacks, listening to audiobooks and bickering about seemingly trivial matters: which makes it like pretty much every road trip we’ve ever been on with our parents!

Seeing as we’re on the cusp of hitting summer and many of you are planning holidays that will involve a lot of time spent in small vehicles, we’ve put together some helpful reminders that will help you ensure that your road trip goes as comfortably and successfully as possible.

**CAUTION: Most of these clips aren’t suitable for younger viewers and are definitely NSFW**

1. Don’t be too proud to take directions from strangers.

2. Make sure you research the roadside attractions before you make a detour.

3. If the vehicle won’t start, it never hurts to get out and push.
Little Miss Sunshine

4. Pass the time with a good ol’ fashioned sing-along.

5. If stopped by the cops, always be polite and follow their instructions.

6. Be very careful with hitchhikers

7. Enjoy the sights and avoid main roads where possible.

8. Take the opportunity to really get to know your traveling companions.

9. …And most of all, never EVER lose sight of your goal.

Happy trails, travellers!
Yellow brick road

The Guilt Trip is now available at blinkbox

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