Jun 06

‘Who Poll’: Who Should Play The Next Incarnation of The Doctor?

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Okay, we know that this is entirely speculative and that producers of Doctor Who have probably already lined up their replacement for Matt Smith. But let’s pretend for a second –just a second– that we have some say in who gets to play the next Doctor in exchange for our hard-earned license money.

We’ve put together a poll featuring actors who could potentially be the next Doctor (based on nothing but spurious guesswork) and we’re asking you, the people, who you want to see in the T.A.R.D.I.S. next!

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One Response to “‘Who Poll’: Who Should Play The Next Incarnation of The Doctor?”

  1. Gerry Dorrian says:

    It needs to be Lenny Henry. As a Shakesperian he has the depth of talent necessary for the part, and his experience as a comedian gives him the exact sense of timing he needs. Hands up for Lenny!

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