Jun 03

Watch: The World’s Fastest Snail Shifts Gears in ‘Turbo’ Trailer

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Family audiences can buckle up this summer as Dreamworks Animations gears up to release their latest film, Turbo. Following in the footsteps of Ratatouille and Kung Fu Panda, they’re returning to the tried and tested formula of putting talking animals into situations they are singularly unsuited for. In this case, Ryan Reynolds provides the voice of Turbo, who dreams of being fast even though he’s just a garden snail! As shown in the trailer, a freak accident sees him doused in nitrous oxide which, instead of killing him like it should, transforms him into a super-charged speed machine! Rising up through the ranks of the shady underground snail-racing circuit, Turbo eventually makes it into the Indy 500: America’s most prestigious motor race!

Featuring a whole host of cameos from motor-racers that are hardly household names outside of the US (including IndyCar star and awesome name-haver Will Power), the film will immediately be followed by a spin-off television series  commissioned by an online streaming company that won’t be named here.

Turbo is in UK cinemas 18th October

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